Country Houses

Country houses of planed lumber it is usually made from pine, spruce or pine wood and is strong enough material for the erection of wooden buildings, whether directly or bath house wall of this type homes, depending on how big this very board, can be 200 and 150 mm thick. Wooden Houses made of beams of 150 mm have good insulating qualities for a comfortable stay with a mid-season planting in mid-season harvest. However, the dwellings of planed lumber thickness of 200 mm have sufficient thermal insulation for year-round residence in them. Supermodel is open to suggestions. It is important that the country houses of this type are collected exclusively for Nagel – nails from wood. Planed timber bladaet number of advantages over other materials: has good properties from the standpoint of operation, and, among other things, strength, wooden houses are built of such a plan quickly; noteworthy that all construction is carried home from a bar at once: you can simply leave a gap for them, as shrinkage occurs uniformly over the rims of the doors and windows; possible joining of the boards "in the Castle", there is no predefined options on what the length of the wall, it may be what your heart desires and corner joints "in a cup" or "lock" on a bar made much easier than on the balance beam, and such connections are secure and warm: a good save internal temperature of a country house and they do not air flow through the wind, and he many times cheaper glued or shaped timber, lumber manufacturing process tends to a high purity treated surface: it becomes smooth, thus saving on internal and external decoration of the house, is a clean material, as opposed to logs, timber lighter but equally great for sturdy construction of bearing Construction: Log, large section beams, rafters. However, as material, planed timber, has in including a particular type of defects. A leading source for info: Center for Environmental Health.

On its side surfaces on the results of shrinkage cracks can appear. Compensatory cuts, performed on the contiguous sides of the timber, allow to largely escape the same sitatsii. Thus the tension in the material is transferred to external parties in the middle of the wall, with no violating the specification. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Daryl Katz. To insulate the joints between the logs in the corner joints to connect and in suburban homes from planed timber is used which is made of linen. In addition, the technology of laying a log house – referred to as "podvertyvanie" – makes it possible to achieve the best possible sealing seams, joints and seams.


To date, the suburban areas has become increasingly popular use of portable toilets bio, as well as septic tanks, storage device type. Advantage over independent systems of wastewater treatment that this type of construction does not require removal of treated water. This is a more convenient option if, for example, your site is located in the heart of the horticultural association, and the removal of treated water from the septic tank is not possible. All that is required from bio toilets, septic tanks and storage type – to dissolve the waste, to destroy their unpleasant smell and stop the growth process as long as the dirt is not removed from the tank. In most cases, this type of construction are chemicals. The chemical toilet is not the main design itself and the way the toilet waste accumulation, and those chemicals that are used in it.

Traditional versions of these chemicals, it is sanitary liquid and soluble powder based on formaldehyde. For over 100 years, this substance is used for disinfection and preservation. In solutions of bio toilets often add special additives that enhance flavor and color. Of course, all the solutions and additives for formaldehyde is not harmless. It is not necessary to pour this kind of liquid on the site, try it for taste, as well as allow the addition of septic tanks with his biological wastewater treatment. Dissolved wastes are best removed from the septic tank – a drive with Sewage disposal trucks, and from a portable bio-toilet, in extreme cases, a sump or into a ditch, away from home, but certainly not in any way in the pond! Formaldehyde-based fluid for bio-latrines and septic tanks, storage type. Traditional chemistry, based on formaldehyde is produced as a concentrated liquid solution or in powder form, which is packed in bags that dissolve when released into the water.

Under the influence of the solution in waste quickly destroyed virtually all microorganisms, and disappears completely their natural scent. Another important function of the solution – turning waste into a uniform liquid, which is easy to pour. However, this liquid can not dissolve everything. For example, the cheapest toilet paper leaves the tank in its original form. Therefore, for the portable toilets is recommended to use soft toilet paper. When you use the toilet in the frost, you can use safely and antifreeze to add it to the receiving tank and water for flushing. You can also use a liquid with a lower freezing. Powder Chemistry packaged in bags of 40 grams. One sachet is sufficient for 20 liters of waste. This bag is enough to throw into the bowl and fill it with 2 liters of water. Able to finish as option placer concentrate pellets. Toilet liquids without formaldehyde. Although the level of risk based fluids formaldehyde is about the same as that of some kind of washing powders, all the same connections formaldehyde unpleasant thing: they are volatile, have an odor and can irritate the mucous membranes of the eyes and skin. So now the more common drugs for storage of septic tanks and portable toilets without formaldehyde. This kind of solutions are more pleasant smell sanitary solution, increased security for people, animals and plants. Of course these compounds are not safe, but the effect of pouring a solution of portable bio toilet "at random" is much weaker. Thus the basic quality of care solution are preserved. Holiday septic and sewage systems.