The Matter

Therefore it is the preferred color of the undecided who do not know what color to paint, know that white always right. Brown: It is a masculine color, severe and comfortable. Atmosphere is reminiscent of autumn and gives the impression of gravity and balance. It is realistic color, perhaps because it is the color of the earth we walk on. Read more here: William Ackman. – And what would be the least appropriate for each of these rooms? Why? When we ask and answer: I see the matter very black …, I see it all …

pink, this "flip" color …; dies inside all have the answer of the colors and their effect on people. Do not react the same to a white cloud with a gray and black cloud, as it is not seen as a liquid such as blood, pure oil While black, see milk, impressions that appear are very different mentally, physically and emotionally. This teaches us that Black is the negation and darkness. Do not decorate anything with it, the black color adds no positive value. Aesthetically is not recommended, although many people use it as giving an oriental touch.

The color black is not a healthy, elegant if (transmits nobility and elegance), but little healthier in general. It is a symbol of error, evil, mystery and sometimes symbolizes something impure and evil. It is death, is the absence of color. Therapeutically do not add anything that you can use for your good. Grey: This is the center of everything as it is located between the transition between white and black, and the product of a mixture of both.