The sacrament of marriage takes place in the middle of the Temple before the lectern, on which the Holy Gospel and the Cross. First is the betrothal, and then the mystery of the wedding. Now it is accepted to perform at the same time and the betrothal of young and wedding. Before after the engagement before the wedding could take several years. After the betrothal indicates that two loving people have decided to belong to each other and vow of fidelity, but they must refrain from sexual intercourse.

Topics thus the Church gave them the opportunity to understand that their feelings are strong and the decision to live life together will invariably it is the sincere desire of the two hearts to create a single, rather than just a passing fancy, to be held and will remain a bitter disappointment and resentment. Before the wedding the couple must popostitsya, confession and communion. During the betrothal of the young priest enters the temple. The groom stands on the right side and the bride on the left. The priest blesses candles and transmits these candles the bride and groom. These candles symbolize purity and chastity of the intending spouses. If a man and a woman marry a second time, the candle is not lit on Due to the fact that men and women are no longer virgins.

After the prayers to God asking Him to bless the betrothal, the priest takes the ring, put on the throne, which he had been transferred in advance for the consecration. Ring groom should be golden, as is customary in the Orthodox Church, and the ring for the bride silver. But gold and silver rings for the newlyweds are not a prerequisite. The rings may be of another metal. Priest First the groom wears the ring, and then changing his fiancee and three of them. The rings on his hands plighted show their unity before the Lord and are the key to the fortress of their life together. After the betrothal ceremony should be wedding.