The Territory

The set includes sensors water leaks, which are installed in the joints of household appliances or plumbing with water pipes, and between the manual valves and water treatment filters are placed solenoid valves. In the event of damage to flexible liner and moisture on the floor sensors record its presence and give a signal to the valves. They instantly shut off the water, preventing flooding. System of "smart home" can give a signal to the cell telephone, warning the owners about the incident. Thus, returning home, the owners of a house or apartment will already be aware of the need to connect with repair services. And they will be confident that their own housing and housing neighbors are not affected by water. Protected against unauthorized persons into the territory includes a range of systems and devices. First and foremost, is to control the integrity of the perimeter of the room.

When you try to enter through the door or sneak through the window, given contour is interrupted and the trigger system with sound and light warning. Wake-up call as a voice or SMS-message arrives at the owner's mobile phone housing, in addition, is parallel to alert the security services. Depending on the complexity of the security system, it offers different levels of protection at home. Rather than a simple alarm can be installed complex equipment, which does not only gives a signal, but also locks in the closed position, all doors and windows. Thus, penetrated into the territory of a house or apartment intruder can not come back before the arrival of security personnel.

Such devices good, if housing most of the time without human remains: the daily work in the office, traveling on business or out of town for the weekend. But even if the house is constantly someone is, it does not mean that the room or garden land area is in need of protection. Simply be used a few other ways to ensure safety. Motion sensors or crossing the perimeter, coupled with intelligent video surveillance system will allow you to and your loved ones live safely and comfortably. Unauthorized appearance in the housing of any new object – human or animal – would be immediately detected a smart home security systems, and its owners will be promptly notified. In addition to these devices in the security system may include sensors breaking glasses and tearing down walls, combination locks, excluding the possibility of breaking with the help of master keys, intercoms, allowing to identify the man rang the doorbell. A well-organized security system smart home – not a luxury. This is a way to prevent albeit infrequent, but extremely unpleasant life situation, or transfer them with minimal property damage. This is an opportunity to live quietly, without shuddering at the slightest suspicious noise and not being afraid to go on vacation or long business trip. After all, your apartment or house does not unheeded: the security system will make sure that your return – from work or travel – everything was in order.

Smart Home

'Keep your head in the cold and feet warm' – was fond of saying Count Suvorov in ancient times. A little later, Comrade pronounced long-playing the idea that this security officer 'head must be cold, the heart – a hot, hands – clean. " Hardly had the figures of the past performance of convection and heat fluxes, but they got to a point. Modern experts in the field of climate challenge historical wisdom not found the cavity, and therefore in any modern home heating systems, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) are held on three pillars (or turtle): cooling from the top, bottom heat and clean air (the postulate of the clean hands leave for security officers). Three Pillars of a completely can turn into a swan, cancer, and pike, which create only the appearance of collaboration, but in fact ineffective and wasteful spending energy and money to the landlady.

But before talking about competent management systems, hvac, need to understand their stuffing. Let's go in order. Heating (Gray, below) According to the laws of nature has a habit of warm air rising up, and all the heating elements in the home, usually arranged so that the air had to climb. Heating elements – it's radiators and underfloor heating if you do not get involved in technical details and terminology. And those others may be electrical or used to heat the premises coolant (usually water), driving through the pipes. The system of floor heating is used mainly for heating cold floors in bathrooms, hallways and kitchen. .