The Porteno Fillet

The porteno fillet is a trade that was born in the old factories of trolleys to late 19th century or early 20th. It reached its time of splendor (perhaps his own classicism) in times that in the streets of Buenos Aires coexisted carts to horse, trucks and collective and they all wore some threads in their sheets and timbers. His aesthetic was marked indelibly by their early makers working conditions: pressure, troubles, and mutual competencies forced to transform and adapt pictorial techniques used since the Renaissance. The speed, virtuosity and gestures of his strokes, and certain picardias (deceptions to the eye) are a constituent part of its essence. More than 100 years have passed since his birth. Even today it is possible to find filmmakers so classic and traditional as yesteryear but there is no doubt that something is changing in the porteno fillet. It is simple to check that brackets have multiplied (carts, trucks and collectives have moved to) restaurants, hostels and even hair inevitably), have evolved materials (enamels, oils and solvents to acrylic paintings, epoxies, etc.). However: – the style is maintained-, even today when referring to both Buenos Aires steak as an art there who are very worried about its conservation cloroformica quasi (more own forensics that painters).

This blog offers just ask, question, or perhaps simply play with the fillet. It proposes to open borders, explore them, dig in them and provide a space of encounter between steak and painting, in which these two trades talk as equals (attention, not to be confused with do any painting and putting a frame around a threaded). This exhibition proposes then break the frame, do jump fillets inward of the painting, or the figures in the painting out, put to dance lights and colors, and open up the possibility of that are mutually transformed. This blog aims to shake the mothballs that drowns any style, any art or craft, and remove to the Fillet and painting the sidewalk to play the round, or hide and seek, or whatever have desire, with the spontaneity of the old and new flowers and ribbons and portraits of amigas lindas, and acanthus leaves and cornucopias and various bodies; with the audacity of those who play seriously (as children), with joy and the self-confidence of those who celebrate when they can shake dust off and occasionally move old and rusted joints. This blog suggests desacartonar, desalmidonar, desolemnizar, deodorize, aerate, explore, play, shake, stir, integrate, open, build, disassemble and assemble a proposal that also challenges the Viewer, and invites you to open with the same amplitude and self-assurance. At the end, although one can never know or describe very well what makes – but will end the game clear – perhaps simply shows what this blog is only the footprint that leaves the porteno fillet on a painter and realizes what is impregnated in a bar when he paints with freedom.