Spiritual Journey

The same is happening in England and in Mexico where education is being manipulated by the people who control the curriculum, rather than allowing it to develop fully, although talk of integrity, most people think it is to integrate sports with academics and are completely in error. Isabella also refers to that we are all one and we must broaden the vision, in order to distribute it and sow seed where we go, obviously with our holistic approach to teach by example, because when we connect the mind with the soul of the world, with the Kosmic Soul bring energy to the Earth, all must unite to have a useful life and fulfill the mission of why we are in this world. The next dialog is in psychology with Dr. David Fontana (Psychologial lBritish Member of Society) and Dr. Gallegos regarding the subject of "Spiritual Journey": In this dialogue is a subject that is on condition that develops from we are children, Fontana says that originates conditioning through rewards, but must arrive at the appropriate time so that the child has to see the reasons for doing things, because they do not know about the rewards and when it should have a freedom from the conditioning and should be, as Fontana says an understanding of why our behavior to choose the right actions. The model deals with the Jungian collective unconscious, which is the psychological part of our life with which we are born and that most important, are not subject to the conditions and it also formed and things are born.