Spiritual Journey

The same is happening in England and in Mexico where education is being manipulated by the people who control the curriculum, rather than allowing it to develop fully, although talk of integrity, most people think it is to integrate sports with academics and are completely in error. Isabella also refers to that we are all one and we must broaden the vision, in order to distribute it and sow seed where we go, obviously with our holistic approach to teach by example, because when we connect the mind with the soul of the world, with the Kosmic Soul bring energy to the Earth, all must unite to have a useful life and fulfill the mission of why we are in this world. The next dialog is in psychology with Dr. David Fontana (Psychologial lBritish Member of Society) and Dr. Gallegos regarding the subject of "Spiritual Journey": In this dialogue is a subject that is on condition that develops from we are children, Fontana says that originates conditioning through rewards, but must arrive at the appropriate time so that the child has to see the reasons for doing things, because they do not know about the rewards and when it should have a freedom from the conditioning and should be, as Fontana says an understanding of why our behavior to choose the right actions. The model deals with the Jungian collective unconscious, which is the psychological part of our life with which we are born and that most important, are not subject to the conditions and it also formed and things are born.


This essay is based on the 13 works that Dr. Ramon Gallegos has developed an interest in creating conditions for a fact a paradigm shift, through holistic education. The appointments will the various elements that have contributed to mainstream education that is holistic. It will describe the proposal as an alternative to generate this paradigm shift. These times have been clearly identified by those who have worried about giving a definitive and comprehensive solution to these problems and in-depth, in the works of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, presents a very clear and defined these stages have been scoring three major paradigms . The first paradigm that once helped to resolve the question and that humanity needs required, with these existential type, so was the era in which arose the great religious teachers and trying to explain the creation of man and the world, which was the ultimate purpose of our existence, where we are heading. Notwithstanding these philosophies and world views were reflected in order to perpetuate and continue having an impact on humanity but not in the same way at that time. The fact that the different value spheres as politics, education, religion, law, aesthetics, etc., Were mixed, with the priests who performed all the functions derived from them, resulting in social problems of fanaticism, based on beliefs which can explain the reality, for this reason the thought of that time was considered pre-rational.

Health and Pedagogy Happiness

For me personally the meaning of the books written by Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, have brought me very good knowledge to improve evidence in education, I think these books are very suited to the times, has been deteriorating the application of this knowledge or a better way led to the study of these books and strategies to implement in spiritual people as human beings, conscious, with responsibility, freedom, love, compassion, dialogue, cooperation and communication with our spirit to our fellow men, also feel that these books bring us lessons that prepare us in a better way to get away with more knowledge of difficult future, competitive awaits us as a human race, but with the evolution of consciousness and all this kind of reading that we have announced and will continue reading as this is a connection we will be learning, using, exercising these positive lessons not only total respect for the environment, but also the people, human beings, friends, enemies, strangers, teaching them our knowledge gained in these books that I say gold book because we prepare for a peaceful future. The new holistic education, understood as comprehensive knowledge of other non-education as usual, mechanistic, traditional, and holistic education that the key element is a complete learning humans attending or making a best interest no nothing but the human intellect, but something more into the subject as must be the emotions, the physical, social, aesthetic and spiritual all of the subject. .