Public Security

Moreover, legal defense and the contradictory, the gratuitous judiciary assistance, the judgment for a court, the fulfilment of the penalty in salubrious place, the ressocializao, amongst other civil laws, politicians, social, cultural and religious, is called guarantees legal Security, which are contemplated in the Federal Constitution of 1988.Com the Rule of law, even so the policy power has been limited, the Public Security started to have an accented connotation, emphasizing social values for such promotion, the national and international level, passing to be defined as: … administrative activity of the State that has finally to limit and to condition the individual exercise of the freedoms and rights aiming at to assure, in level capable to preserve the public order, the attendance of minimum values of the social convivncia, notadamente the security, the salubrity, the honor and the aesthetic one (GRANDSON, 1998:71). In consensus with diverse chains, GRANDSON (1998: 71) identifies the sprouting of a new conceptualization on the Public Security as being ' ' absence of disturbance and harmonious disposal of the relations sociais' ' , being, therefore, the guarantee of the internal public order: … the state of social peace that tries the population, decurrent of the degree of individual or collective guarantee propitiated by the public power, that involves, beyond the security guarantees, tranquillity and salubrity, the slight knowledge of moral, aesthetic order, economic politics and independently of visible manifestations of clutter (GRANDSON, 1998:81). However, when if it speaks in guaranteeing the security of the citizen and in the combat to the violence, the Public Security, as state installment, still is attributed instantaneously and so only to the police agencies, when in the truth, this concept is much more including, being ability of the State the task of this guarantee. In the article ' ' The Constitucionalizao of the Public Security in Brazil: paradigms in conflito' ' (COAST, 2011), of the famous specialist in Public Security guard and professor of After-Graduation, then the Lieutenant Colonel Jlio Czar Coast, salient that this mistake if originated in the constitutional text of 1988, which would have dealt with superficially the subject the Public Security, as it detaches: The constituent of 1988 had been refractory when formatting the architecture of the system of social protection in not holistic way, attributing not only in semantic way, the responsibility for the preservation of the incolumidade of the people, the patrimony and the public order exclusively to the police agencies, desvirtuando the including concept of that to the State and to one it has not only left of it? the police agencies – the task fits to guarantee the aid, the protection and the assistance of the society.