That is precisely what has to instill the love of the fatherland, which inhabit the same country and take this love beyond our borders in a supportive manner, aware of all we live on this planet, we breathe the same air, we take the same water and require that the planet is safe from such predation and free of all violence. Solidarity is a virtue that has been felt in recent years, perhaps for convenience or because maybe our consciousness has evolved, now already they concern us environmental disasters faced in parts of our country and in places far from our borders, can see you this in the help that has been paid to people who have been affected by the floods in tabasco and Chiapasand in Peru earthquake and disaster in the India. The holistic education is an integral education because humans, cultivates all dimensions are based primarily on the best that have left the great religions, the perennial philosophy, this education may be taught from pre-school to post-graduate, achieving in this way making aware from children of the responsibility of the actions as well as the spiritual essence that all have, thus developing independent, autonomous and happy beings. Is therefore important that change in education is carried out from the early school years, because they are children fertile land so that they bloom in them the values that are required for a new society, aware of its responsibility in the land, and make them free, autonomous and happy beings with what they have and what they can do. Because in an autonomous and happy being there can be any kind of violence, only happiness generated individuals that desire and seek the well-being of others, then will be to see the lack of happiness where there is daily hit women and children?, what type of individuals are forming within the family, If anyone has been taught how to be parents?, how it is educating children in households if often poverty and hopelessness overwhelmed parents?; in families in which breathing is happiness, can have only harmony and good deals. .