Fuller Women

What a plump woman differs from part-time? Yes, absolutely nothing! And the fat, and thin women in exactly the same desire happiness and wish to be healthy, dreaming of great love and want to enjoy not only men but also women, tends to look stylish and elegant. In recent years, the standards of the female figure seen improvements big changes. Is fifteen or twenty years ago, thin women in fashion? Not at all … In the villages, towns, small regional centers and to this day it is believed that a thin woman – this is an unhealthy woman. In recent years, with little skinny Centerfolds completely inaccessible parameters 90-60-90 filled cover of glossy magazines. But very few women have such options. And its been steadily taking. Maiden figure gradually receding into the past, and we must live for today.

But you need not get upset if your body is not perfect. It is not necessary to torment themselves all sorts of diets, which sometimes can be very damaging to your health. It is necessary to love yourself for who you are … You need to try and find your own style, its flavor, its own unique charm. Thus, complete a few simple tips for women: 1. Around you, people look first and foremost not on your size, but on what and how you're dressed.

And that's why women need to fully dress up. 2. Keep in mind that low fat woman should give preference to small-sized parts, but the high cost of Spades afford larger items. 3. Full woman, tall is not recommended to wear shoes with high thin stiletto heels. 4. Walking down the street a stout lady in the pants is always taut. Therefore, it is straight, not narrowed down dark pants will make you a more toned and slim in the eyes of others. 5. Women should be full Avoid too tight dress. Fabric with sequins, satin collars and product type "turtleneck" – this is not your style. 6. Fat woman will look great with a scarf and long beads. She goes to the person cutting the volume and bright cosmetics. Wishing you always look attractive and sexy, our dear bbw. Women's Forum, which communicate with fat women