"Sorry? After all, what happened? Never! "Such phrases are not rare to hear. While everyone understands forgiveness differently. Some people think forgiveness unacceptable weakness. "Forgiving" batterer, always trying to erase it from memory, so as not to irritate the wound. And someone is considering forgiveness as a favor. Here are some common myths about forgiveness. Myth One: Time will heal any wound. Time is a great healer.

How many times has this phrase sounded like a consolation! In fact, the past resentments eventually lose their sharpness. But the healing properties of time should not be exaggerated. It copes well with small insults. But the deception, betrayal hurts the soul for a long time. Again, while only helps to forget, but forgive the offense.

The second myth: to forgive – then erase from memory. This myth has been actively pushing for those who believe that the brain is to give a command – and he, as if by magic, erase from memory unpleasant event or person. Again – and voila! Self-deception, no more. When Oksana broke up with her boyfriend, she decided to delete it permanently from your life, forget to put a big and fat point. She strongly rid from anything that could remind him of: photographs, letters, objects, gifts. At one point it seemed that it was possible to forget. The pain subsided. But then I saw him with another girl – and old resentments flared up with renewed vigor. Her attempts to forget and break with the past have collapsed in an instant.