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Free expert chat with the certified nutritionist Jutta Saldana who want to eat healthy and take off, is confronted with many often conflicting information. When the diet clique, now offers the opportunity to be free to answer questions by an experienced nutritionist in expert chat. By the same author: Nature Research. Or diets or starvation diets, exotic diet plans diet tables when it comes to healthy eating and remove goes, find themselves quickly numerous methods and half-truths. Usually more new questions here for the uninitiated than are answered. The diet clique now offers the opportunity to ask specific questions on a proven nutrition expert with a free expert chat. Jutta Saldana gained practical experience in their profession directly after her training as a dietitian and obtained the certificate of nutritionist of the German society for nutrition after several other stations (for more information about the certificate, see below) dietitian dge).

You has extensive knowledge in the field of nutrition and will available for your questions available to participants in the chat. Date: Wednesday, October 28, 2009, 17:00 to 18:00 address: expert chat… -The participation in this first expert chat is free – information and contact the diet clique operator: Tobias Kirsch Otto-Braun-Strasse 77 10405 Berlin Tel.: 030 420 816 84 mobile: 0163 235 2429 a free community around clique AT diet which is diet clique diet, slimming and healthy nutrition. Members can use the platform to put up stages goals or to lead online diet and nutrition journals. Certified dietician writing expert blogs and give valuable tips and information on the topics, which deal with the visitors of the diet clique.

Delicious Substitute

The drying of fruit dehydrator the drying of fruits is a traditional method to the durable make fruit was used already in the middle ages. While the water is removed from the fruit, with the fruit not lose substance and keep their high nutritional value. The drying process should run off quickly, to prevent mold and rot. This is not a problem anymore with our new dehydrator. Dried fruit is suitable as an ingredient for fruit Musli or fruit bread, as well as as small snack in between. Through the conscious and healthy diet in recent years advanced more in the foreground also dried fruit is back in fashion. However, the industrially produced Apple rings offered in supermarkets and banana chips are usually in addition sulphured and treated with preservatives.

Also, most of the vitamins at the high temperatures used are destroyed. Not so with our dehydrator. Here the available temperatures provide for the preservation of important vitamins. Generally, each fruit to the drying is suitable. Apples, pears, plums, peaches, but also banana, dates, figs and mangoes are suitable to dry. Dried fruit is stored in cool, dry and airy locations ideally. It should can however no longer dry, because otherwise taste will lose it and become brittle. Can be used on most translucent cans or jars with closure.

ChocolART – An Experience For All Senses

Germany’s biggest Chocolate Festival in Tubingen the diverse and delicious range of delicately melting Sweetmeats, handmade chocolates and finest drinking at Germany’s largest Chocolate Festival chocolART annually attracts about a million visitors in the university town of Tubingen. The opportunity to present products for 6 days select the enthusiastic audience here offers 100 lace manufacturers and exclusive top chocolatiers from Africa, South and North America and Europe and offers a unique way to old town meet the variety of chocolate and the charm of Tubingen the audience. New chocolatiers enrich the chocoMARKT: Atelier cacao from Berlin with drinking on the shaft and finest chocolate creations, SAMOCCA chocolate Manufactory from Aalen with the creative Schmatz chocolate bars made from high-quality raw materials as well as different coffee variations, Confiserie Coppeneur et compagnon from Bad Honnef, noble Moon of chocolatiers from Luckau with organic chocolate articles (bean to bar), Turingianduia Cioccolato from Turin with chocolate kebab, the Baltic coffee Rugen coffee roasters offers high-quality truffles and roasted coffee from our own production and shows the roasting of nuts and chocolate processing live on-site. Cacao from Amsterdam presents chocolate products that are handmade in organic quality from finest raw cocoa beans directly from Ecuador. Basically make most of chocolART exhibitors on fair trade and produce their chocolates and other goodies under strict criteria to make a contribution to the improvement of living and working conditions of the cocoa farmers.

It is then finally back from the 3rd to the 8th of December 2013: the university town on the river Neckar is transformed in Germany’s biggest chocolate – experience world of mood lighting, refined art and perfect taste holistic Schokosophie for young and old! The chocolate program based around the chocolART offers soothing Schokomassagen, elaborate cocoa painting and entertaining Schokotheater, among others. Children dive into the Chocolate workshop deeply into the secrets of chocolate making and can share their favorite creations with friends and family. Adults can the popular chocolate classes at Dr. Schoko”participate and learn more about the production of high-quality truffles and chocolates. On the historic market square of Tubingen the glass pastry of the chocolART awaits visitors in the magical atmosphere of the illuminated timber-frame houses, which chocolateROOM. Baden-Wurttemberg top-confectioners demonstrate your skills here live. Visitors can in the production of the Tubingen Schokotalers”and Schokoschaumkuss to see the famous Tubinger and watch as chocolate works of art are created. On Saturday, December 7, 2013, the sweet bustle on the long chocolate shopping night finds his end until too late. The chocolART 2013 promises pure pleasure!