World dreamland his nickname quite justified – the specified product release regularly and in large quantities. It would seem that any claim to the dreams? However, the public demands of movie dreams, and the likelihood of pleasure, like raisins in bread, pick out a favorite movie funny inconsistencies and mistakes. And the raisins that are larger, the sweeter. It is clear that variations in the size of the discarded characters of shadows within a single episode of touch Is that so very nervous the audience: Well, think of it, began to shoot the scene in the morning and finished the evening – what to do, after all, can not command the sun. But over the unauthorized event in the frame of subjects that deplete the imaginary on-screen reality, laughing all, without exception.

What nonsense just does not appear in the background while the director concentrates hard on the ground! You should look into the stands triumphant in the famous 'Gladiator' – find that the crowd-Romans sipping a Coke, and someone is saved from the sun under the canopy caps. Huge amount of such mistakes sins 'Lord of the Rings'. In the scene of 'Fellowship of the Ring', where Frodo and Sam are discussing Does Sam go on, behind the characters in a cloud of dust suddenly passing car, and one of the apples that Aragorn gives the hobbits, showing off the price tag from the supermarket. Why are there apples, incidents with the instantaneous change in the appearance of characters also abound.

Renaissance Philosophy

After a long era of the Middle Ages, in its place, as a necessary condition for the progress of civilization was born of the Renaissance. She appeared in the first place, in people's minds, as some desire for change and a rapidly spread over the European continent. There has been a partial reversal back to ancient philosophy, which revived her popularity. The philosophy of the Renaissance (Renaissance) is a set of philosophies 14 – 16 cc., originally established in Italy and then in other European countries. d-scholarship-application/’>rothberg family has to say. Specific features of the philosophy of the Renaissance: The special interest in antiquity, exploring and commenting on sites Greek philosophical literature. Under most conditions Daryl Katz, New York City would agree. Pantheistic interpretation of nature, according to which God is identified with his creations. Focusing on modern science, advances in science, especially the Copernican cosmology, voyages of discovery. The combination of theoretical and practical knowledge of the nature of its possession, the theoretical and magical, scientific approach to the world of mathematics, astronomy, mechanics, and "secret" science – magic astrology, alchemy.

Priority of the principle of anthropocentrism, in which the alleged value and beauty of man, his body and spirit, freedom and autonomy of the individual. Humanism (Latin: goto – people) Renaissance philosophy means prevailing at this time the movement of educated people, united by an interest in personality, a special type of philosophical outlook, which focuses on a man with his earthly deeds and achievements, its inherent nature abilities and inclinations. Celebrity trainer is often quoted as being for or against this. Humanism proclaimed benevolent attitude to the man, oriented to his freedom and dignity regardless of their social functions performed. It is a cultural practice times Renaissance humanism related occurrence, initiating an entirely new secular culture in many ways the opposite culture of the Middle Ages with its domination of religion and the church in spiritual and worldly matters. The ancestor of the humanist movement believe the poet and philosopher in the XIV. Francesco Petrarch, who did much to revive the works of ancient philosophy and literature. These Italian humanists end 14 – 1 and half of the 15 to as LS Salyutatti, P. Bracciolini, etc., are based on the fundamental difference between them from the medieval era that is driven by the principle of asceticism of the church. There is a shift in the position of anthropocentrism, praised a man, his ability, uniqueness, purpose.

Silk Embroidery

Embroidery in silk on silk – the pearl of oriental art. In his book 'Secret Treasures Qing' is written, that master of embroidery using a needle-thin hair. The best silk embroidery paintings superior creation. Colors so vivid, that dazzle the eyes, landscapes and houses are placed with the right perspective, and flowers and birds as if alive. . . Suzhou embroidery has appeared near the village of Suzhou, and then spread to nearby areas, Nantong, Wuxi, Yangzhou mainland China.

These areas for centuries were known for their fine silk. Fertile soil, temperate climate have contributed to this rapid increase in the production of silk fabric and yarn, which provided prosperity and development of silk embroidery. The chronicles of "Sho Yuan", written by Liu Xiang during the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-24godn.e.) Indicates that in the realm of Y (of the current China) has been used embroidery for decorating clothing. History of Suzhou embroidery has more than 2000 years old! In the Three Kingdoms period (220-280 gg.) Emperor of the kingdom U Sun Quan ordered the sister of his chief minister to embroider "Hit Kings". Mountains, rivers and cities were depicted in the smallest detail on a square canvas of silk cloth. Artists area has represented such talents as Tang Yin (Bohu) and Shen Zhou, contributed to the rapid development of Suzhou embroidery. Masters of embroidery needles reproduce their paintings. These works were so bright and elegant, which were called "pictures of a needle" and "superior to nature itself." C these times of silk embroidery as an art form has developed his own style in work with a needle, a combination of colors and images.

Patrick Swayze

And Liz realizes that when it is not close to David – as it generally would not. They embark on the search Liz essence, the search for not noticing that they become closer and closer to each other. In the cafe one of the visitors to feel bad, and David led a ghost makes it a complicated procedure, saving that life – so they learn that Elizabeth doctor. Finding a clinic where she worked, David and Liz know that she was in a coma and she will soon be cut off artificial life support machine. What to do, because young people had become attached to each other? David sent to his sister Abby girl to convince her not to sign the documents from the hospital, but it turns out that it was too late. (As opposed to Senator From Kentucky). The same fellow intern, who worked with Liz, took her position and is not eager to treat rival. Then David with the other – as it turns out Abby's husband and that David was supposed to meet Liz at the ill-fated day of the accident – just steal Liz unconscious.

But rolling it out of the room, he does not notices that all the equipment that supports life in the body, looked up. Surrounded by guards and the hospital staff, David kisses her and like a fairy tale, this time Elizabeth came to mind. But this is a wonderful fairy tale ends – She does not know who, in fact, saved her life. Time passes, Elizabeth lives in his old apartment, and one day, coming home, finds a beautiful rose garden on the roof, which is seen in dreams. Of course, this was the work of David who is waiting for her there on the roof …

as it may seem strange, this film is about love, romantic love is not only girls but also a strong half of humanity, which is usually considered a film "soap." Touching scenes of love interspersed with comedy, action gives way to sentimental scenes of hospital, not giving the audience distracted, except for sighs, squelch nose and taking out a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe away the tears stream of girlish or avaricious men's tears of laughter or excitement. In the film, there is no vulgarity and sweetness, but there are lots of positive emotions. Humor is unobtrusive and is somewhat reminiscent of the best film about love and ghosts "Ghost" (the one with Patrick Swayze), a except that here the love conquers death. By the way, you can download the movie between Heaven and Earth.