I knew you that there is 20 times more bacteria than cells in your body? In fact, at any time, you have more bacteria in your body than the number of total people who have ever lived on planet Earth. The next time you weigh it on the bathroom scale, you need to remember that 1 pound of that weight is 1 billion live microorganisms in their gut. This may sound alarming, but many of these organisms are crucial to good health. A probiotic is an organism that contributes to the health and balance of the intestinal tract. A probiotic also is referred to as friendly, beneficial, or good since the bacteria that are ingested help to fight diseases. A healthy low bowel must contain at least 85% of friendly bacteria to prevent excessive colonization of microorganisms that cause diseases such as Escherichia Coli and salmonella. You can maintain your health with bacteria unfriendly to 15%, if the body contains at least friendly probiotic bacteria to 85%. The majority of the people It has this percentage invested.

The word probiotic means simply for life, which explains why these foods are so important. But if you want a probiotic proper scientific definition is: A live microbial supplement of feeding, which beneficially affects the host improving its intestinal microbial balance the reinvestigation is establishing how important are supplements probiotics for a variety of health conditions. The probiotics enhance immune system by altering the micro-ecologia of intestines and avoiding unfriendly organisms to gain a balance in the body. Prevent excessive growth of substances such as yeast and fungus and can lower cholesterol. Probiotics supplements are recommended widely for the treatment of candida fungal infection because they establish populations large friendly bacteria that compete with candida that is trying to take residence in the intestine.