Greenhouse Plastic Film LDPE For Greenhouses

GREENHOUSE FILM POLYETHYLENE LDPE for greenhouse use LDPE plastic film for the construction of greenhouses deal fairly common. But experienced gardeners know – apart from the obvious advantages of such a film is and serious drawbacks. Indeed, the strength of polyethylene exposed to sunlight decreases rapidly. And now we are changing the torn and sagging 'protection' to the new, hoping that this can last longer. Uncomfortable and uneconomical. In addition, when temperature drops to a polyethylene film condensation. He's going to small drops on the inner surface of the film, which reduces the transparency of 15-25%. But that's not all.

Small droplets, gathering in larger, focusing sunlight, which burns the plants, and, dripping and damage them. Particularly vulnerable young seedlings. So, sometimes without knowing it themselves, we are doing serious harm to our cucumbers, tomatoes and other garden plants. But what can we do? Use more expensive reinforced polyethylene, and even at the expense of transparency? Or build a glass greenhouse, which is often more expensive and requires considerable labor? But worldwide, this problem has been solved! In place of conventional polyethylene film greenhouse film came through a special multi-layer polyethylene. This film is much stronger and durable, resistant to temperature changes.

The unique production technology and specially formulated polyethylene helps prevent condensation and protect the plants and the very hard on the film ultraviolet radiation, as well as retain more heat. The multilayer film is so strong that it can use up to four seasons, without removing the winter! However, she does not lose its unique properties. And as a consequence – A real savings and a rich harvest to the envy of neighbors. The film 'PA' will allow you to achieve remarkable productivity, save your energy and save money. In this case you will receive an identical strength film, but now with of the unique properties, which are mentioned above. Time does not stand still. It is good that in our region and introduce new technologies to make life easier. Greenhouse film 'PVD-vivid example of this. Technology production of multilayer films is quite complicated. In particular for the production of the film 'PA' are special trehshnekovye extruders. They allow you to get the film made up of three layers with separation of molecular level. In one of the layers introduces an ultraviolet stabilizer, which slows down the photo-and thermochemical aging, retains high elasticity and resistance to frost. Because of this layer is reduced inflow hard UV in greenhouses, negatively affecting the plant, the yield increases by 10-15%. In another layer of hydrophilic additive is introduced. This addition changes the surface tension of the film, resulting in moisture spreads a thin layer evenly on the inner surface of the greenhouse and eventually runs down without harming the plants. Transparency is not reduced, the air is not oversaturated with moisture, and disease processes provokes decay. We manufacture sleeves, half-sleeve with a thickness of 100 to 300 microns in width from 1,500 to 2,200 millimeters, in turn are respectively from 3000 to 6000 mm. Greenhouse film LDPE – a type of transparent plastic film LDPE color. The film used in agriculture for covering hotbeds and greenhouses. Our greenhouse films are resistant to wind loads, the effect of hail and extreme temperatures, the conditions harsh and snowy winters. Even with frost film for greenhouses retain flexibility, the snow can be removed from the greenhouse, without fear of breaking the film. LDPE film have excellent teplouderzhivayuschim effect, the transmittance of thermal radiation is 12 – 40%.

Comfortable Home and Relaxation

Comfortable conditions depend not only on the appearance of the home and how comfortable and beautiful our furniture. When it is selected, we usually guided by individual preferences. Many people like the modern versions, when All items are made in a restrained style, others prefer the classics. Tastes all different in this respect, manufacturers produce products in a very wide range. Do not forget that these products should not only decorate our home, but also to fulfill their basic mission. If it's furniture, then it must comply with its name and provide all necessary facilities for recreation.

It is very important to sofas and chairs retain the original shape and resiliency for a long time. Most importantly, they were comfortable to sit or lie down. Given the fact that the dream we are spending almost half his life, bedroom furniture should be made only from environmentally friendly materials. It is advisable to purchase products made from natural wood. Their main function – to ensure a healthy and sleep well, because the most frequent cause of insomnia become uncomfortable, stiff or vice versa too soft bed. All that we see the first moments of awakening, should bring us joy, because on how to start a new day, depends on its continuation. The situation in the bedroom should be promote relaxation, due to the fact that here we have the opportunity to feel free of duties, day cares and troubles.

But not only the bed is the main reason for buying a headset. Cabinets must be different strength, resilience and capacity of the most important thing. The required number of shelves will provide you a home. After all, if every thing will be its certain place, then quickly all it will be there and stay, rather than hanging on a chair or other unsanctioned places. Sometimes you just wonder how many things of shoes and placed in the hall furniture. This is especially noticeable in winter. For cabinet doors hide hats, gloves, scarves, jackets, coats, boots and other wardrobe items. If you consider the fact that this room, often is small, then come in horror, just the mere thought of the absence of the cabinet and multi-tiered shelves for shoes in your apartment. The main feature that separates the apartment from the street, a corridor. This is where we take off your shoes, dress shoes and only truly feel the warmth and care home. Here we meet our guests, and therefore the interior of the premises must be given special attention. Make repairs, hang a beautiful chandelier, buy stylish furniture for the hall, fill your life joy, and then your life will occur only positive experiences.