The Society

And I say the society which intends to impose, jointly and severally, coexist because all law in theory, is imposed; but in practice, its implementation is proposed. So here are two fundamental kinds of divergent policies: one which is founded as law in the strictest ordering of its rigorous basis; and another that arises as an application according to the needs of the circumstances that determine it. A plan of law is inconceivable without a development of law. Are the circumstances which should determine the law; and not the Act to the circumstances. AND to make the circumstances which determine the law, should never forget that that plan of constitutional law that governs us, emerged, conceiving in those democratic principles that supported in the broadest sense of the perception of Justice in the circumstances of his time, made possible the development of this democratic regime, which now all we rely on the more solid foundations of that code of democratization of the system known as Constitution, and that gave birth of the chasm deep and dark in the heart of the village. Any democracy emerges as light of liberation from all that deep, dark abyss that is submerged and hold a town.

It is the transition that occurs between the lack of credibility of the beliefs and cultures more rooted in the development of its social germination growth and outrage and lack of confidence generated by the demagogic confusion and the imposition of those leaders who by interests and own only to their freedoms conveniences, preserved, subjecting everything a village, those demagogic beliefs and cultures in which always rely to freely manipulate all these masses of people that form and constitute its power unit. Democracy is not what is needed from a village to another as democracy, but what emerges as a same village democracy. Each village has its own skin and blood where does his own condition; because true democracy although it may inherit legacy of other peoples, should always be the people themselves, which need to be aware of the arise of their free choice, accept and ratify the legacy of democracy before those beliefs and cultures that inhibit its social germination.