Stay Healthy

Often about their health only when people are thinking already lost it. We, however, if we want to preserve their health into old age, must think of him as soon as possible. Otherwise, without health, life loses its bright colors and can be Article shall not in joy but a burden. What, specifically, it is necessary? Need to give myself a goal: "I will be healthy until old age." And set a goal, surely, to her daily walk. To stay healthy, or even return it, we can only by applying constant force. You need to show character. Do you think having bad habits, such as: excessive drinking or smoking, can I stay healthy? The obvious answer is NO! And if you're spend your free time lying on the couch watching TV, it helps to preserve your health? Too obvious: NO! A constantly indulging in excesses in eating, his abdomen otraschivaya, we contribute to your health for years to come? Too obvious: NO! So, to maintain their health into old age, we get rid of all bad habits, stop being slaves to them, eradicate them, because we have set ourselves such an important, noble goal.

And this goal is achievable! Means of maintaining health into old age are the physical workout. Frequently Luiz Ildefonso Simões Lopes has said that publicly. The load should be sufficient to strengthen muscles, improve resistance to colds, to increase in tidal volume of lungs, stimulate metabolism, maintain joint mobility and strength of ligaments. It is also a good help to reduce the load weight, and this in turn will impact on the health of all organs and systems organism. The nervous system is strong, the digestive system to work smoothly running, increase the heart-minute ejection of blood. That is, physical activity affects all systems and organs. A necessary condition for this one – load should increase the heart rate to 120 – 150 beats per minute. Remember that light exercise, heart rate at which non-participation to the required performance, will have no effect.

Preferable to engage in the fresh air. Try to walk more walking at a brisk pace. Physical activity can and should do, even with chronic illnesses. (Except for heart disease. In this case, you should consult with a physician) to maintain health into old age, should be properly eat. What do you mean? You can not overeat. Meals should be balanced. On the day of use at least 300 grams of uncooked vegetables and fruits. Replacement of raw vegetables to cooked not equivalent. Do not consume salt in excess, because salt promotes the development of hypertension, and hypertension will be – very likely sclerosis and stroke. You should drink at least a half liters of clean water wet, it will reduce the risk of kidney stones. To limit acute and fatty meal. Do not use oil in its pure form, as their desired number gets into the body from other foods, fat is even in the bread, not to mention the milk and meat. Just for good health into old age to avoid unpleasant emotions, as they lead to spasms in the gastrointestinal tract, and even a stomach ulcer and spastic colitis. Good luck to you in an effort to maintain health into old age.