Social Service In Mental Health

INTRODUCTION the present text shows the performance of the social service in the mental health, as well as the relevance of the work of the social service in the institutions of mental health, as much with the users, as giving to social support its families. The initial axle for the accomplishment of this research was my experience as trainee in the Center of Psicossocial Attention, CAPS I of the city of ipueiras Cear. The mental health in Brazil has faced many difficulties to obtain the implantation of the politics that we have currently, where can cite the implantation of the Centers of Psicossocial Attention, as alternative to the desumano treatment the one that the people with mental upheavals in the psychiatric hospitals and lunatic asylums were submitted. The Psychiatric Reformation represents an excellent advance in the practical ones in mental health, over all had the act of contract of new Social Assistants, standing out the importance to establish an effective citizenship for the users of the net of mental health. The improvements that have occurred in the area of mental health since the movement of the Psychiatric Reformation in them allow to believe that still it will have an effective change in the assistencial model aiming at to improve the quality of life of the people with mental upheavals and its reinsero in the way of its family and of the society. The Units of mental health have worked in set with the families for the whitewashing of the psychiatric patients, where we can detach the valorosa participation of the Social Assistant in the process of awareness of the families to accept the person with mental upheaval in its familiar conviviality, as part of the therapeutical plan. Still it has a long way to cover. We perceive that the psychiatric legislation protection and welfare have implemented new politics it of the person with mental upheavals, aiming at its protection and recovery.