Probably she had changes in some practical alimentary, and the people can be if exercising less in the work, moreover, the situation is more serious for the women and mainly when they are in the gestacional period, therefore in this A stage the woman for feeling bothering proper of the guided gestation if does not finish for having an alimentary disequilibrium. The feeding of the gestante is basic in such a way for the health of the mother how much for the health of concepto. An inadequate feeding in this phase can in such a way provoke innumerable complications for the gestante how much for the embryo (BRAZIL, 2001a). The word diet is used to indicate what a person eats, many times this word with an adjective is used that it indicates that type of constitutes it to foods, or some characteristics of these. For Ferr (2003), the diet is balanced when this person obtains or keeps one weight adequate its age, sex physical constitution.

I contend the amount of necessary calories, distributed in all the types of foods so that if it does not produce no lack nutritional or excess of some you substantiate that many times finish accumulating itself as fat. As well as the too much cycles of the life, the gestation is a special period, and as such needs attention and the redoubled nutricionais cares, therefore the feeding of the mother will go to determine the general development of the embryo (MELO 2005). During the gestation, the women need to ingest a well balanced feeding, with enough calories and that she contains a variety of alimentary groups. The profit of weight above of the waited one can place the baby in bigger risk to develop infection, illness, incapacity and even though life risk. (NICOTERI and FARREL, 2005). On the basis of Smaltzer, Bare (2005), the nutricional conscience helps to understand the importance of an adjusted diet, that supplies all the required nutricionais necessities.