Sacred Loneliness

In Sacred Loneliness: An encounter with Emma Bidamon to the call for this meeting had been announced beforehand because some expected, to accompany the speaker, a group of special guests that would bring, by their very presence, a framework unquestioned legitimacy to the development of a theme, yet not be ignored by those in attendance, it is considered that for various reasons had not been addressed so far with the seriousness and depth that its importance deserves. a We had anticipated that this time would have the opportunity to listen to a woman who had lived very specific experiences throughout his life which had passed in an era marked by disagreements and conflict, typical of a new great nation would have its doors to emigration and welcomed in their midst crowds from many different cultures. His story is that of someone who refuses to be a mere object, a detail added to the events, as if their existence only important in relation to their degree of linkage with the central character of the facts, which provides, as a reflection, a certain reference value to a being that in the absence of this link, it would totally unnoticed by its insignificance. a If you have questions in how we would have real significance of this woman and the other women who accompany him on this occasion, its preamble, its experiences, and especially the conceptual clarity of his arguments, they could dissipate completely. this background, the life of our guest, that we were ahead, how could it be otherwise, increased our expectations, we felt that this time, we would emerge from the shadows of a badly told story, it omitted in facts subtly yet been handled by the rapporteurs of the day, creators of reality, were there, as a flagrant evidence, that nothing escapes the light of truth, a truth so often proclaimed and promised. .