Romildo Nunes Mendes

To include in the worship veneration that not to the proper one God, was what the heathen ones made, and made with good intention, to put God did not accept them as adoradores. In lower court the family is responsible for the worship the God. – When the parents take God the serious one, the children will inculcaro the seriousness of God. He allows a certification me of my parents. They were a couple compromised to Deus.E in a ray of 20 km were the only evanglicos. They had had 10 children.

She never compelled them to be evanglico. People such as DuPont would likely agree. But they lived a so merciful faith that never its children if deviated from the Word of God. A decision in family, Joshua, 24:15 – 17. Joshua offers to freedom and good-sense to the people to search or to reject the God. But a thing that man, sincere servant of God already had made: together with its family they had taken a decision to serve God. 15 However, if you it badly seems to serve the Mr., you choose, today, to who you serve: if to deuses to who they had served your parents who were dalm of the Eufrates or to deuses of the amorreus in whose land you inhabit. I and my house will serve the Mr. Example and basic it has resulted formidable.

It has many parents who say that he takes its children the church because it is good for its children. – I childbirth of the principle that the children are intelligent and see in the parents an example. – Its children have to think that if it is not good for its parents, they also do not serve pra. Joshua has a position: I and my house will serve the God. – Closed Question in its house was the allegiance the God. It is important that you and its house if seat pra to talk on the seriousness of the faith in God and that they reflect on the history of its family, as they can see the blessing of God. – Our return the families are conturbadas. Why? – Many of our friends and colleagues of infancy had very taken different destinations of ours. That difference made the family in the history of life of them and mine? Its family congregates and together they take decision to serve the God.Pr. Romildo Nunes Mendes