Resveratrol Capsules

The natural key for a longer, healthier, restore life and a strong immune system to international fame gained resveratrol but only in the 1990s. Resveratrol has been found in 72 plant species, but commonly deemed “Active ingredient of red wine”. It occurs mainly in the grape skins and in lower concentrations in grape seeds, stems, vines and roots of the vine. Resveratrol was detected in peanuts and mulberries. Resveratrol is a part of the plant’s own immune system. Nature Care contributes greatly to this topic. Its main task is, for example, the protection of grapes from fungal, bacterial and viral infections, as well as from harmful environmental influences such as UV radiation, ozone and toxins. Truly an amazing biodiversity, the resveratrol does. Click Vitamin World to learn more. Resveratrol from the complete grape grapes including shell and seeds.

Compared to which is generally better known OPC is obtained only from grape seeds. Hardly a secondary plant substances have been published in recent years so much as about resveratrol. The antioxidant effect pulsed and chemo-preventive. A very special property but is outstanding: it acts as a CR Mimetic. The body a calorie restriction (CR) pretend – the only experimentally proven method for the life extension. The possible effects of Resveratrol: 1 ANTI AGING effects for a longer, healthier life 2 3 cardiovascular 4. strengthen immune promotes cell regeneration and DNA what is so special about resveratrol 50 mg of good ‘N natural? The special “rapid release” formula of ensures a fast and good absorption of the active substance in the body. Only one capsule supplies your body with more resveratrol than the average salary a bottle of red wine – without the calories or alcohol! “Resveratrol” can immediately at be ordered online under: index.php? cat = WG04 & product = A-266 detailed information and order at or call 00800-872 456 22 (free of charge from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg) please send press inquiries: