Ramon Gallegos Nava

This paradigm shift from mechanistic to holistic education education (of mechanization to the human), is currently underway worldwide, with great force in Mexico and other countries, thanks to the unconditional support of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, who the pioneer in this new paradigm. Holistic education is the way forward for the evolution of consciousness. Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava shows us the way of how consciousness evolves through the spiral model and the multilevel model – multidimensionality, the first by a dynamic spiral memes called or classifies stages of consciousness in color, the second in size, levels and lines of development . The multilevel model – multidimensionality of Dr. Gallegos, since according to the attitudes and actions that we we stand at a certain level, or meme model of the spiral, and we find Dr. Gallegos model there are dimensions, levels and lines development ranging from personal awareness to the community, the social world or the global down to the spiritual, where the spiritual evolution of our consciousness, we are the only ones who have the power of evolution, this model is oriented to the integral because it allows us to locate and integrate the different educational theories in wholes or holons that make up a holarchy.

Educational whose nature is the evolution of consciousness which proceeds from the particular to the universal. It is very important to mention we need to integrate education with the evolution of consciousness Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava in the holistic education master teaches us a new multi-multidimensionality model which is to integrate all levels of knowledge as science, spirituality, traditions, creativity , spirituality, creating a culture of wisdom, overcoming the fragmentation of knowledge, to raise awareness, to form a whole.