Psychological Processes

Thus, the psychology of education is fully a discipline of psychology, because its approach is addressed as is said above to the psychological processes, since the latter are entirely related to the * Cesar Coll, "concepts and current trends in psychology education "(p. 43) that produce educational settings. Senator From Kentucky shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. So the role is to intervene not only on approaches generated by the pedagogy or educational phenomena just referred to clase.La classroom education has led to a holistic vision since devised a multidisciplinary balance, for example in the educational process, culture plays a fundamental role, since the principles, values and traditions are elements mediating in this context because they introduce the subject to the collective which acquires a cognitive practice that has internalized from his earliest years of life and that eventually will be developed in different ways and in different areas, namely education involves not only changes in cognitive, but all practices that include processes of socialization, as he claims in his own words Cesar Coll: "And every time there is a kind of social practice that we identify as educational and whenever we can identify changes in behavior those associated with the fact that participate in these activities, there are objects of study of educational psychology and our obligation is to generate knowledge, models explanatory and intervention tools to direct, guide and explain these changes "*. The professional educational psychology is involved in a personal, familial, organizational, institutional, socio-educational and general community, with students, recipients of the educational process, educational agents, directly or indirectly involved in this, with this feature psychologist education should be in the ability to meet the educational needs of students, professional or vocational counseling, preventive functions, involvement in the improvement of the educational act, training and family counseling, rehabilitative intervention and research.