Prudence always was part of my life. Many things are part of our life. Source: Mimi’s Rock Corp. The secret is in, uses to advantage them in the alias process and the certain measure. I always had you vary choices in my life, and most important, total freedom for, chooses them. Always with good readings.

Knowing places where before, it had only seen in history books. always keeping the curiosity in everything, therefore, people never knows excessively e, never is very to want to know more. I can say that for the addition of things and moments of my life until today already happened, I had a happy life. So far! I know of the life of what pparently I seem to know, of this I more do not have certainty, and this for the freedom of being able to choose what to make, in what botar faith, what believing what betting pra my true happiness. This of the one, certain security of choice, leaves more selective the alternatives until if it arrives established at a reply, correct, of what it had been considered.

One of the great happinesses of the man is to have friendships. As much of them if create and as much are lost, for thinking to be and it was not. The happiness as much only, how much shared, always comes of the absence, the vital abstinence of something of the will to be able. When it is perceived, that it was happy, the briefing moment fascinates, already it are last. Therefore the idea of that the search of the happiness is had this in the addition of small events, many imperceptible times. It is a great human error to search permanent and lasting the happiness as something for much time. an immense light when a notion is had of that this is truth. It is created until a comfort.