Smoking and Willpower

The idea of quitting smoking – a rate not to "will power" and bet on brains. Intellectual looking for the problem, the root cause, and a fool is struggling with the consequences. For example, an ideological person, wishing to quit smoking, first conceived of the main reason smoking, that he was forced to start smoking. Awareness of the main reasons for smoking becomes a kind of insight into the smoker's mind when a person becomes understand what must be done to make this the main reason for smoking has stopped working. All steps in the free mini-course "How to quit smoking for the umpteenth time, but forever" (see links) focused on the excitement and the predominance of ideology, mental component in quit rates. For example, if a person knows exactly what he personally likes to not smoking (health, freedom, clean air, etc.), then making sense of all these advantages, a longing to these pluses will like a light bulb in my head and give the smoker light orientations. If a person under items raspishet how smoking harms him personally (cancer, addiction, constant stench, etc.), the realization of all these drawbacks of smoking will help thrower smoke in a difficult moment, when his abstention would pull a cigarette. And what happens, people in the throes quit a week later, he thinks: "A nafig me all this must be!" That's why First you need to take an ideological base, think of all the moments, including this one: "nafig you all have?" It seemed such a simple thing should be clear to all.

But it's not quite true. Because many people think that is enough awareness of harm to the health and strength of will. " In addition, people often refer to the formal comprehension of such moments, which leads to negative results. Common errors in compiling lists of pros, when a person quits smoking, and cons of smoking is a formal relationship to the case. Man, all these pros and cons of taking from the ceiling to just quickly make a list.

Often, these pros and cons do not have to list a person making an irrelevant and unrelated to the his personal experience. For example, a banal point about the harm to health may work only for those who have personally encountered a really Harmful smoking. It is clear that for many young this item in health will be irrelevant. Knowledge – is also an idea. When a person throws, just hoping for a "willpower," then this one. And when a person relies on some regularity, it gives strength. Knowledge – force. Here is the article sheds light on one law – the meaning and force of ideas for throwing smoke. So use on health.

Irrigators Oral Health

Every day on our teeth form a film of dental plaque, accumulating bacteria, which tends to multiply rapidly on the surface of teeth. As a result of plaque becomes thicker and more noticeable visually: the Middle to the gums surfaces of teeth, in between his teeth, and then on the tooth enamel. If plaque is not removed by daily brushing, metabolic substances formed by bacterial plaque that affects the gums. Inflamed gums and begin to bleed. This is a dangerous signal indicates that the mouth was unwell and urgently need to improve its hygiene! Otherwise inflammation will deepen and can lead to periodontal disease, destructive effect on bone substance, which is attached to the tooth. An unfavorable aspect of this disease lies in the fact that the defeat of its people for a long time it does not notice, as the disease progresses, without causing pain.

Clinically proven Daily brushing and flossing are not enough procedures to keep your teeth and gums healthy. In recent years, widespread means to care for your gums irrigators. Only oral irrigator conducts daily hygienic treatment of oral cavity, removing food particles and residual plaque of the most inaccessible places the mouth of the interdental spaces, from under the crowns and orthodontic locks. Toothbrush lacks these sites. For these reasons, oral irrigator is absolutely necessary for better oral hygiene because it eliminates and prevents the development naletoobrazuyuschih bacteria. Irrigator oral cavity – a device that performs massages gums and scrubbing between the teeth from plaque and food debris from the jet of water.

Spa Treatments

Spa philosophy involves a holistic approach to human health. This means that the body is perceived as a whole, rather than a set of organs or symptoms, each of which must be treated separately. For health are equally important as the nutrients contained in cosmetics and positive impulses that we perceive through the five senses – touch, smell, taste, hearing and vision. Holistic drifts combine the traditions of ancient healing and modern technological advances, the traditions of East and West. .

Using a supporting force of the water, the therapist makes a soft, stretch the muscles. At the While joint working, the patient's muscles are relaxed. Each subsequent move smoothly from the preceding. Rhythmic breathing and smooth. helps to achieve deep relaxation, release body pain, and head – From unpleasant thoughts, find peace and ease. Acupuncture and acupressure. System of integrated curative effects on the body, used in China and other Eastern countries for more than one millennium.

Influencing certain points on the body with needles (acupuncture) or hands (acupressure), we can improve the overall condition of the patient to cure many diseases. Acupressure reflexology. Traditional Chinese massage active points on the feet. With stimulation of these points is to strengthen the whole body, increases the overall tone, relieves muscle tension. Ayurveda. Almost any spa offers its clients the Ayurvedic procedure. Of course, this is absolutely not the ceremonies, which are made of ancient Indian physicians, because for them, Ayurveda was a way of life. In Spa Treatments centuries-old traditions seamlessly interwoven with contemporary spa philosophy, and the word "Ayurveda" takes on new meaning.

World Health Day

The aim of this festival, which originated in 1950 to commemorate the establishment of the World Health Organization (WHO), is to appeal attention to the fact that health is the highest value for both the state and for each person. World Health Day 2010 dedicated to urbanization and health. This theme was chosen by chance: today urbanization has a huge impact on the health of the planet's population at the global level and on the health of each of the inhabitants of the earth alone. Urbanization is associated with many health problems related to water, environment environment, violence and injuries, communicable diseases and their risk factors, such as smoking, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, alcohol abuse, as well as hazards associated with disease outbreaks. who experts say that today the problem of health of urban residents is largely dependent on the quality of life in cities.

Bad ecology of major world cities have extremely negative impact on health people. According to experts, who 24% of disease and 23% of all deaths are the result of unfavorable environmental factors. Great Barrier Reef and affected by oil spills unique and the largest the world's ecosystem integrity – the Great Barrier Reef – is now experiencing hard times. This single living 'organism', home to some 400 species of coral, 1500 species of fish and a variety of other animals and plants is on the verge of extinction due to excessive shipping, global warming and pollution of the oceans. Last week, Chinese bulker 'Shen Neng-1' crashed into a reef Douglas Shoals in the field, limited to shipping due to defense the world's largest coral reef, made to the unesco World Heritage List.

About 2 tons of fuel of 950 tonnes of stock on board fell into the water through a hole in the engine room flooded, approximately three kilometers. Oil slick in the waters of the Great Barrier Reef, which area reached 300 thousand square meters, have been collected. However, the colossal damage to the ecosystem is still occurred. Company owner faces a fine of contamination of the reef at a rate of one million Australian dollars (920,000 U.S. dollars). The next day another ship attempted to pass through the protected area reefs. Attempting to marching under the flag of Panama ship 'Mimosa' shortest route through the Great Barrier Reef has cost the owners of the vessel a large fine. Many of the ships are still trying to cut its own path and not bypass the Great Barrier Reef, threatening the unique ecosystem in the world. Bottling 50-60 tons of diesel fuel from the pipeline occurred last week in the coastal zone of the lagoon Pevek in . Diesel fuel spilled onto the ice as the bay, and on the ground. Later, experts said that the spill was not 50-60 tonnes and 17-18. According to preliminary data, the spill will not make any negative consequences for the environment. Photofact week: 'The most powerful creatures on the planet' and 'Earth Hour 2010' Last week we presented to you the ten most powerful beings on the planet at a ratio of strength-weight. In our ranking of 'athletes' – animals (not only) that can lift more weight than their own in 1000! We also take a virtual tour of the cities of the world where environmental action was 'Earth Hour 2010'. In 2010, this rally organized by wwf, was attended by 126 countries in all continents and more than 4000 cities worldwide.

Healthy Hair

Hair is a clear illustration of the incredible diversity of people inhabiting our planet. For example, a tuft of hair on top of a fighter "Sumo" is so closely associated with his sporting activities, which solemnly cut off when a fighter ends his career. In Cambodia, the bride and groom traditionally make special haircuts to stave off the impact of newly-weds of evil forces. In Malaysia, the men against the law to wear long hair, but in the Indian state of Punjab, by contrast, face the death penalty a man with a short neat haircut. Since the hair – the dominant factor in external appearance, and through it we are trying to convey to others a emotional message. Therefore, beauty salons and barbershops will always be visited and the services that will give hair the best view will be in demand. And therefore, come to the fore the health of hair and the right care for them. Master of the beauty salon or hair stylist takes not only a consultant, he bears responsibility for the proposed methods and tools for the care and hair treatment.

Long hair is always played an important role and was the main attribute of female beauty. Even though the current trends and fashion for owners of long hair short hair caught on his envious glances. How could maximize hair growth? What factors that affect it? First and foremost, we must remember that hair growth depends on the data, which are incorporated in the genetic code.

IVF Pregnancy

When the couple decided to conceive a child, then this could affect the success of different circumstances. Problems that arise when trying to conception, represent the following terms. Fertility – the ability to to conceive. Lack of fertility – infertility. Another term – fecundity – the time it takes from the moment of cessation of contraception before the pregnancy.

There are many different substances that can affect fertility and fertility. Use of certain psychoactive substances may lower a woman's ability to conceive. Others make the conception, either temporarily or completely impossible. For example, marijuana use reduces fertility function through changes in ovulatory function, especially if consumption of the drug occurred within the last year. Chronic marijuana use is completely blocked ovulation in women, although these changes are reversible. In Canada, conducted a study based on the materials of the survey of farm families to become pregnant for 30 years. It showed that the reduction in fertility was associated with smoking, as a father, and mother, with the consumption of large quantities of coffee and tea mothers fathers.

Alcohol consumption did not affect the timing of pregnancy on the date of termination of contraception. Another major epidemiological study that covered ten European countries, also found no negative effects of moderate alcohol consumption as a female and on male fertility. Likely that the timing of pregnancy elongate in the case of alcohol consumption in women at high doses. Other studies also suggest an increased risk of infertility and spontaneous abortion in women who drink a lot. These poll Women have found the dependence of alcohol consumption and reproductive problems. For example, it was found that menstrual disorders, painful menstruation and premenstrual discomfort were more pronounced with a large level of alcohol consumption. With a large consumption of alcohol increases the likelihood of gynecologic surgeries, miscarriages, premature births and stillbirths. It was also shown that smokers have reduced fertility. The level of fertility in female smokers is about 72% of the level of smoking, and they have a 3.4 times greater likelihood that the occurrence of pregnancy need more than one year, ceteris paribus. Studies suggest reduced ovulatory response in smokers, as well as the fact that they may be difficult to implant the zygote. Smoking can cause infertility women and for three years brings menopause. Doctors found that contained in tobacco smoke polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) activates the death of eggs. These substances are associated with receptor – a special molecule on the surface of the egg and trigger gene, which are programmed cell death. This process is known as apoptosis. It was found that smoking among young women is equated to the removal of one ovary. Smokers who received the program IVF-ET (artificial fertilization and embryo transfer) and gift (gamete transfer), had a worse outcome compared with nonsmokers. The study authors conclude that the chances of success are much more nonsmoking women. Among smokers doctors observe the high prevalence of secondary amenorrhea (absence of menstruation) and irregular menstrual cycle. There is evidence that regular coffee utreblenie amount of 1-2 cups a day reduces a woman's ability to conceive and increase the time before the pregnancy. The study, which polled 104 healthy women trying to conceive for three months

Pilates Method

If your personal agenda is full of meetings, if the schedule of food equivalent to the time it takes to eat a sandwich and if words like fun or relaxation belongs to the distant past, you are on the way to have serious physical and psychological problems caused by the stress of an intensive work schedule. A survey by the psychology of HCor sector (Hospital do Coracao) in Sao Paulo, with 441 executives who went through the check-up clinical hospital, showed that 59% of patients with high stress has between 20 and 30 years, while 45% are people between 30 and 40 years. With the financial crisis, the pressure affects all officers of a company and the above percentages are increasing, just at the time you need clarity and a flexible head for decisive action and tangible results. The practice of Pilates can be a perfect outlet for executives who grapple daily with issues that require discipline, patience, strategic and logistical planning, leadership and other matters. The practice of Pilates allows students to develop greater awareness of mind and body while teaching you how to achieve greater control, concentration and self-confidence. It also allows these people to do many other key objectives through principles of motion as, for example, to achieve proper breathing. The Pilates Method also stimulates the circulatory system, increases blood activity and releases endorphins, the substance responsible for the sensation of pleasure and wellness. Pilates exercises help the muscles hard, tight generally accompany stress, relax.

Industrial Society

And if we say, not reality paradigm, it is because in reality, and how could it be otherwise, the "American way" penetrated only in certain sectors. Although it was taken as a framework for large and growing sectors of the population. Contributing to this boom period that took place in Argentina between the 40s to mid seventies, over institutional tribulations suffered and whose consequences still being felt. Some of the most emblematic components, but not the only ones-of the "American way" was the automobile, plastics and appliances. Appliances that were expanded in quantity and improved in quality to the days running, assumed that women enter the labor market, this should, take up less time in home care. Underlying it is a concept that later: the "Industrial Society" and "industrial man", on which crushed both teachers in universities, as it were, the pinnacle of wellness. Such use of appliances was accompanied, of a whole proliferation of service sector and its crown could consider first the "supermarket", then "malls." These last points of sales of goods of certain brands, which were sold at the transnational level, to the extent that today in a shopping installed in any large or medium city in the world, brands and their "logos" are the same and the only difference is the respective language, living with the language they come from brands, usually from countries of the Group of 8. We overlook the negative effects that these patterns of consumption have generated in countries such as Argentina, contributing to its "capitalization" because what I want to stress is that all became the internalization of the daily patterns of a significant part of the inhabitants (this is extrapolated to many countries), implying an addition to its cultural influence.

Animal Health

Epilepsy is a disorder that has become increasingly common for owners of pets while frequently affects the health of dogs and cats. This disorder is characterized by seizures that occur intermittently and range in severity from mild to severe. Seizures are caused by abnormal electrical disturbances in the brain. Neurons, also called nerve cells in the brain send and receive electrical impulses in the body that interferes with normal brain processes. Consequently, your pet will lose control of their muscles and experience the jerking, twitching, hitting and beating of the movements.

Seizures can affect animals once in their lifetime or occur regularly. When more than one seizure occurs within 24 hours, is called cluster seizures while three or more or one that lasts more than 30 minutes are known as status epilepticus. It is imperative that you consult your veterinarian immediately if your pet exhibits any signs of epilepsy so that he can receive medical care. Several types of epilepsy seizure types that differ in intensity. Epileptic seizures can be classified into generalized or partial episodes: Generalized seizures occur frequently in dogs and cats and there are a number of variations. Seizures "grand mal" are the most common in cats and dogs. It begins with the loss of consciousness and the contraction of skeletal muscles. This makes the animal fell on its side with its members extended and head back – known as the tonic phase. During the tonic phase, the animal may drool excessively, experience loss of bowel and bladder, and vomiting.

Geotextile Solutions

More than 3,000 on-line design projects with the help of damage. January 29, 2008 .- The site of damage (recorded in 2007 half a million visitors, making it now one of the websites of reference for the sector. Danosa, a leading company in Spain in the roofing industry in the development of solutions and soundproofing systems, drains and geotextiles, and solar energy, offers on its website not only the most relevant information about the company, but also valuable tools for health professionals. One of the most Top is “Design your project, which allows users to request on-line technical documentation from their data and needs, and add the desired constructive solutions. Within minutes, the applicant will receive by e-mail the requested project so easy, fast and completely free. More than 3,000 professionals from all over Spain have already benefited from the advantages “Design your project” Another feature that can be accessed at is a complete list of solutions adapted to the CTE, available on waterproofing, sound insulation, drainage and geotextiles, and solar energy. Danosa has pioneered the adaptation of these solutions and their implementation on-line with the aim of offering users the convenience and ease of access to technical information that the company has in each business line. The solutions are presented by type of construction and are classified as residential, tertiary, industrial and civil works.

Also, Web Danosa contains information on some of the most outstanding works that are present in the products of the company. Reflecting the intense international focus on damage, your website is available in four languages: Spanish, English, French and Portuguese. Information on damage. The continuing challenge of evolution is Danosa family business founded in 1964 by initiative of an entrepreneur, a chemist by profession, Manuel del Rio Dominguez. Began the manufacture of asphalt sheets for construction, in a country where there was no standardized product.

Today is the undisputed leader in our country in the manufacture of materials for waterproofing and one of the six largest European companies in its sector. The turnover of damage in 2006 exceeded 90 million and growth prospects approaching double digits annually, mainly due to the expansion of activity that involves the company’s new plant in Fontana (Guadalajara). This project has been a real lesson not only for the company but for the entire region of Castilla-La Mancha, a generator of employment opportunities both direct and indirect. Danosa currently has offices in all the Spanish autonomous communities and international presence in over 30 countries from five continents, with regional offices in France and Portugal.