Kids Development Toys

In 2002, the Russian Lekoteka was introduced in the House of baby number 9 in Moscow. Material resources lekoteki should include: – Equipment for the development of general movements – Toys for the development of hand movements and hand skills – toys for the development of tactile perception – toys and tools for the development of visual perception – toys for the development of auditory perception – toys for the development of thinking – Toys for the development of speech and language – the means to develop alternative communication – toys for social – emotional development – materials for fine arts – music resources for development – for books Children – Books for parents – music library – video library – an exhibition of home-made toys – computer games – special equipment for children with movement How to take part in lekoteke (preschool) children are usually sent to lekoteki of clinics, hospitals and genetic centers, societies, the disabled and social services. Problems that they have, very different. It may be cerebral palsy, mental disability, general mental development, speech, movement, sensory. Commission for lekoteki can go here: ul.Moldagulovoy, d.20a, kindergarten 1125 Where to find lekoteku Kindergarten compensating type number 605. Open Highway, 26a, Bldg.

1. Tel. (499) 966-33-75, (499) 966-70-49. State SAO Lekoteka psiholgo-medical-social center for children. St. Hourly, d.5A +7 (495) 1520251, (495) 152-4224,, Lekoteka on the basis of an elementary school – kindergarten compensating type number 1853 (10 Micro).

HLW Novogireevo, kindergarten 1602, a group of children with developmental disorders, including with cerebral palsy, ul.Molostovyh, d.96, tel. 302-0119, 307-61-38 Correction kindergarten 1371 for children with mental retardation, Free Prospect, d.96. Irina Evdokimova Director, tel. 300-44-11, 307-84-05 Kindergarten compensating type number 2196 for children with musculoskeletal psycho-medico-social center of the "germ", tel. (095) 152-02-51, 152-42-24 Kindergarten compensating type number 865, ul.Habarovskaya, , 12, 467-12-44, 467-59-10 Zelenograd, building 1511. Help Tel. 537-3602. Contact phone: 531-77-26.

Medical Insurance

In this case the insurance company pays the cost of hospitals and clinics provided by public health care. Companies and organizations should make payments at the rate of 3.6% of payroll for working population and local authorities – for a malfunctioning. This was to ensure people receive the minimum package of health services. Additional services the citizens would have to secure a system of voluntary medical strahovaniya.Osnovnoy idea of the destruction of the former non-market (Soviet) health care system was the belief of the reformers is that only market forces can improve quality and efficiency of national health care and that only the personal funds of citizens are able to solve the problem of underfunding of health care. These market mechanisms advocated in the first place, the division of providers (doctors) and buyers (patients). Second, the emergence of independent health care intermediaries between doctors and patients. It was believed that the new market structures, such as insurance companies and health insurance funds, will be economically viable to protect the interests of patients. Third, competition among insurance companies.

It was assumed that the transition to health insurance will help to solve health problems at the expense of the state from its obligations to provide all necessary medical care and forced citizens to pay for the treatment of competing . organization and financing of health care was the division of responsibilities between the federal center and regions, increasing the role of the federation and local authorities. The federal program was to ensure that citizens receive the most basic health services, and regional should include a wide range and scope of services.

Emotional Therapy Pinda Sweda

This procedure removes the tension, calms the mind, improves memory and restores the central nervous system. Therapy rejuvenation and longevity Rejuvination – a "second chance" that nature gives us to preserve youth and beauty. Ayurvedic therapy PindSweda – massage Tibetan flowers, herbs, spices tampons Mind and Emotional Therapy Pinda Sweda is a holistic modeling of face and body massage at the Tibetan flowers, herbs and spices tampons Mind and Emotional. Exudation herbs – is a literal translated from the Sanskrit name of this wonderful Ayurvedic therapy. Discoveries made by hundreds of years ago, Tibetan monks in search of youth and renewal of life, studies of different combinations of flowers, herbs and spices underlie complex herbal and floral Mind and Emotional. Penetrating through the small cells of tissue swabs, crushed herbs and spices hold delicate herbal peeling skin and body, gently releasing the surface of the epidermis from dead cells, purifying and toning the pores.

Soft aromapiling made with warm swabs Mind and Emotional, helps eliminate toxins from the body, restoring the normal circulation of lymph fluid and reduce the pressure in the intercellular spaces. Increased metabolism in the body activates the "burning" of fat present in excess. As a result of the procedure increases musculocutaneous tone, improves the color and general condition of the skin, there is an active drainage, lifting, and modeling contours of the face and body. Pinda Sweda therapy is used effectively, demonstrating excellent results with the first procedure, in such programs for individuals, as rejuvenation, rosacea treatment, drainage, "the bags under his eyes." The programs for the body therapy is especially effective for aromapilinga, modeling, body contouring, cellulite and obesity.

DSP Body

The essence of technology "Tsvetopsihosomatika" can be represented as a functional-semantic modeling processes that ensure the order of the individual life of human microcosm. Everything that happens to man and man, is transposed with the help of technology (as a result of an organized diagnostic procedures) in the functional dynamic semantic scheme of life (body, mind and society as the verge of a holistic individual). This scheme builds on and implements the laws originating from human events and emotions caused by them, changing relationships, risk of developing organ damage and transformation feasibility of ideas. Technology "Tsvetopsihosomatika" allows us to investigate the human ability to live on a special level that makes it possible not to interfere with the body in the diagnosis. But we get information about that it defines our life as it is, with their joys and sorrows, successes and failures, health and illness. Energy-semantic modeling allows the microcosm with the electronic precision calculate the correction circuit and to implement it, positively focused on achieving the desired affecting the health, activities and relations with the outside world. Formation of harmonizing complex tsvetoformiruyuschih effects of the program is implemented on the basis of Tsvetopsihosomatika integral analysis of the actual sensory preference of the individual. Current pervoarhetipicheskie human needs systematically analyzed resulting in a kind of program is unique tsvetokorrektsionnogo effect, optimization psychosomatic whole of the soul-body organism.

But at the same time we must not forget that: – the program "EVP" is not a substitute for advice and treatment of a doctor, and is not intended for the production of classic diagnoses: For this there are other methods of diagnosis and medical professionals in the profile. With DSP technology can only determine the user's emotional state at the time of testing, his psycho-emotional status, as well as a number of important features of the current status, which allows you to allocate a certain degree of confidence organs and systems at risk as a result of this emotional state. Repeat testing will identify the most common behavioral algorithms in that user and respectively, the most intense in these algorithms, organs and systems. Individual relaxation training grading will actually confront aggressive psychogenic influences, which, naturally, will harmonizing effect on the entire body. Based on the same data can only recommend the user to pass in-depth survey of a specialist doctor. – Program 'Tsvetopsihosomatika' is not designed to treat physical illness, but only allows for the mobilization of internal resources of self-regulation during the color-relaxation sessions to improve the psycho-emotional state of the user, remove pathogenic effects of stress and eliminate the other negative aspects of stressful factors. Due to this natural reserves of the body are released, the previously wasted on fighting body with the consequences of stress. It is the inclusion of additional resources of self-regulation body allows health professionals to implement more effectively recovery. DSP technology should be regarded as tool psychoprophylaxis natural and healthy, so that it can not be regarded as curative. Official website of Technology

Information Metabolism

If you come to Socionics as a science that helps to deal with each other, then we can solve many problems of everyday nature and social efficiency. Information metabolism (IM) was given to us by nature from birth. This is already scientifically proven fact. MI is the trigger of human behavior and an assessment mechanism. But the Creator made us that we perceive the world not holistically. Half of the incoming information is actively pushed, and we do not perceive it. Mounting behavior is formed depending on the location and contents of elements such as MI. Each of the types of MI has a corresponding opposite type.

According to the principle of dichotomy. A pair of opposite types is a single information system. This gives us the opportunity to see the mechanism as a whole. In contact with the opposite type of man he can survive the feeling as a whole, unified. Opposite types see as would be a mirror image of himself.

They are able to understand and see the most subtle and profound experience. There may be a platonic love. Do something together they could not and even more so, to live together. They have different ways of solving problems. But to get acquainted with the unconscious part of yourself and find the integrity, condition of mutual openness – perhaps. Need to communicate on some abstract themes and still be just careful. Consider the work of clearing house as a whole. The first function. What is the principle of existence. Zone of confidence man. For one, this is what "good". To the contrary, it will ignore the zone – "bad." This part reality that people do not notice. Does not want to accept, not admit into their consciousness. The second function – a place of creativity and its products. His "need". Here, people display their capabilities, skills. Can take risks in their activities. For the opposite type – these are templates and stereotypes. Area regulations. Its annoying those who violate its installation habits. "Do not." The third function – the principle of self-esteem. Location problems. Here the person is conservative. Poorly perceived joke. It shows increased anxiety. Through this channel the energy comes from society. Man manifests its activity. The more a person protected by the third function, the more limited from the world. Opposite type of show which way to solve problems. The fourth function – my 'want'. Score space. Unconscious. Here, people rely on their feelings and needs the help of others. Area suspiciousness. Her called the suggestive function. It inspires people the most. At the opposite type of a zone of fear. "I do not want, I'm afraid. A pair of opposite types: Don Quixote – Balzac, Napoleon – Dumas, Victor Hugo – Dreiser, Jack London – Robespierre Hamlet – Dostoevsky Stirlitz – Bitter Zhukov – Gabin Huxley – Yesenin This is a very good way to quickly deal with the work of the Information metabolism as a whole. The content of the elements of its functions it you can see in My issues mailing Socionics practical

Crimean Resort

Evpatoria long been famous as a spa town. Mineral water, mud, brine, sun and sand self help both adults and children in the restoration of health and summer and winter. You can choose to stay in sanatoriums or Evpatoria pension, and can stay in the private sector. This kind of accommodation with each passing year is becoming more and more popular every year at the resort Evpatoria open new small hotels, which offer Rooms to suit every taste. We invite you to visit Evpatoria – a city holiday, sun, and health, the city where you are waiting for gentle waves of the sea, warm sand and the carefree days of vacation resort, guest house or private sector housing – determined by you. On our site you can order on the selection of private sector housing or to book a ticket to the resort and spa, as well as prepare for the rest in Yalta: see pictures or video Evpatoria find out what prices and weather, chat online, read reviews and more Welcome to Evpatoria!

Comfortable Home and Relaxation

Comfortable conditions depend not only on the appearance of the home and how comfortable and beautiful our furniture. When it is selected, we usually guided by individual preferences. Many people like the modern versions, when All items are made in a restrained style, others prefer the classics. Tastes all different in this respect, manufacturers produce products in a very wide range. Do not forget that these products should not only decorate our home, but also to fulfill their basic mission. If it's furniture, then it must comply with its name and provide all necessary facilities for recreation.

It is very important to sofas and chairs retain the original shape and resiliency for a long time. Most importantly, they were comfortable to sit or lie down. Given the fact that the dream we are spending almost half his life, bedroom furniture should be made only from environmentally friendly materials. It is advisable to purchase products made from natural wood. Their main function – to ensure a healthy and sleep well, because the most frequent cause of insomnia become uncomfortable, stiff or vice versa too soft bed. All that we see the first moments of awakening, should bring us joy, because on how to start a new day, depends on its continuation. The situation in the bedroom should be promote relaxation, due to the fact that here we have the opportunity to feel free of duties, day cares and troubles.

But not only the bed is the main reason for buying a headset. Cabinets must be different strength, resilience and capacity of the most important thing. The required number of shelves will provide you a home. After all, if every thing will be its certain place, then quickly all it will be there and stay, rather than hanging on a chair or other unsanctioned places. Sometimes you just wonder how many things of shoes and placed in the hall furniture. This is especially noticeable in winter. For cabinet doors hide hats, gloves, scarves, jackets, coats, boots and other wardrobe items. If you consider the fact that this room, often is small, then come in horror, just the mere thought of the absence of the cabinet and multi-tiered shelves for shoes in your apartment. The main feature that separates the apartment from the street, a corridor. This is where we take off your shoes, dress shoes and only truly feel the warmth and care home. Here we meet our guests, and therefore the interior of the premises must be given special attention. Make repairs, hang a beautiful chandelier, buy stylish furniture for the hall, fill your life joy, and then your life will occur only positive experiences.

Breeding Bees

Usually apiary placed at the manor next to a residential home. An amateur beekeeper who lives in the city, can accommodate bee family garden plots, if conditions allow it medsbora. Apiarist apiary has placed on garden plots, must have on hand antihistamines: diphenhydramine, suprastin. Prohibit the keeping of bees on the garden plot is impossible, since without entomophilous culture will not bear fruit. For bees pose a great danger of pesticide poisoning, which are used for processing the garden. Successful choice of the area and specific site for placing beehives in an environment rich sources medsbora – one of the most important conditions of high productivity bee colonies.

Based on the information determine the potential of honey on the ground during the season. Choose a site around which a radius of 2-3 km is a large number of honey plants bloom in different times. It is important that the area grew enough early spring honey plants and pyltsenosov without which greatly weakened over wintering bees can not build a sufficient number of young bees to replace the old specimens. Apiary located on the south or south-eastern slope of a small hill. The area should be dry or well-warmed by the sun, preferably with a rare vegetation for the orientation of bees. Along the fence are planted dense windbreaks. It is not permissible to place the estate on the cheese, the shaded area, moisture inhibits bees, contributes to the development of several diseases. Apiary should be located near the road, so you can carry bees in honey collection.

Spiritual Health and Disease

He unfolded in very similar to ours and was willing to be treated by the Lord in order to fulfill the plan He had for his life. Times are bad and the patriarch Noah We identify ourselves in a situation prevails: the breakdown of society. Violence, immorality, glaring social differences, the eager search of existential meaning, the incurable disease and a progressive alienation from God are the characteristics of our time as they were in Noah's time. If we go to the book of Genesis, Chapter 6, we find a story revealing what were the prevailing circumstances, "And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And it repented the LORD that he had made man on earth, and He was grieved in his heart. And the Lord said I will destroy from the face of the earth to men whom I have created both man and beast, and creeping things and birds of the air, for I regret having made them. "(Verses 5 through 7).

Re-read the passage again and check how the corrupt society in which spent part of the existence of Noah, is a very similar portrait of the world we are living. There is new that the thoughts of modern man, as in antiquity, are inclined to practice evil. This behavior attracted the judgmental because the attitudes of thousands of men and women are diametrically opposed to those he left instructions embodied in the Bible, and helping those who implement them to achieve personal and spiritual growth.

Vices of Evil

Authors Satan's lunar calendar with it methodically gradually instill us with their vices of evil (lies, hatred, servility, avarice, greed, dishonesty, drunkenness, predatory individualism, different diseases) that lead to complete disharmony trinity of our thoughts – words – Affairs, to the degeneration of man. For us, it became shamefully familiar and unpredictable think one thing, say another, making the third. We have become shamefully many faces, themselves every time the mask of lies. Only in our young children still remains a virgin trusting simplicity and grandeur of the natural beauty of the one-dimensional personality. Is not this what makes us treat children with love and belief in its bright future. In the meantime, all our attempts to eradicate the evils of satanic evil ends our involvement.

Just escaped from the existing anti-human network timing and origin of the space, changing them to the multiple of five and ten, we are confident will begin to overcome evil, and again back into a beautiful harmony of trinity stable thoughts – words – matter. Moving to the sunny "Svetoyar" (even in one country) will strike a huge gap in the satanic force field of evil, which begins to collapse with increasing speed and force for good – Love – Truth will begin the march. While opponents of Svetoyara will be the initial discussion period, a lot. It makes no sense to call their names. Block evil is well known for his dirty – the bloody footsteps of the last millennium. In the course will be launched: conservatism, money, lies, defamation, media, religious denominations.

But they can not use weapons mass extermination. And this is our success. Stop living in satanic laws of time, space and evil! God help us in this our Mind, Love and Faith! I believe that everything outlined here, will be available real understanding and accepted with confidence, without reading the mystics any reasonable person from the world of love and kindness. Let's unite, to believe and fight for ourselves and our children's future! Set out in 4 pages, Ladochet, 14 th of Uranus, 14008 , or (on Friday, February 15, 2008 – by satanic calendar) of the residents of Votkinsk – Valentin Vasilyevich Vorobyov.