Challenges of Weight Loss

Many of us we were in the point where we do not know why if we do all the necessary one to lose weight, we did not obtain it. He is very frustrating, then I give 8 reasons you so that here you recognize because your body is not responding the question: how to lose weight. 1. You do not exercise the sufficient thing You need ejercitarte and to make exercise with weights 3 times per week, a day of rest between training and training, for example: Monday – Wednesday – Friday/Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday. The exercises with weights must of being integral, to what I talk about? to that they do not have to be exercises with isolate movements (that work a single muscle) but several muscles work simultaneously. In addition you need to exhaust the muscle, to leave it exhausted. Because the works with weights are necessary? First of all, they will give a beautiful figure him to your body, you will not be yourself loose, but really healthful.

In second, because the muscles are burning of fat par excellence, still in rest. Exercises cardiovascular, they must be complementary to the weight exercise, you need to never do them after you finished exercising your muscles, before, since you will not remove the sufficient benefit to him to your muscles. 2. You are not sleeping the sufficient thing. The lack of dream can ayudarte gain weight, the experts cannot say with exactitude to what must east phenomenon. In a study one was that the people who sleep 5 hours per day are more susceptible even though more than the people than only rest 7 hours per night. The dream affects the metabolism, if you do not sleep the sufficient thing will give hunger you.

Dangerous Weight Loss Drugs

When a special occasion watchs to us and the time becomes our main enemy, about unique about which we thought is in how to lose weight in two weeks. Generally, always we remembered the kilitos that we have of more when almost we already do not have the time sufficient to lose them. But you do not worry, always is something you can make to reduce them in that so short lapse. Like main step, you can begin some diet of chemical decontamination, thus will be able deshacerte of all the toxins, a good chemical decontamination are the juice or natural juices, that besides purificarte, provide with necessary carbohydrates and nutrients to you. You must consider that this diet is not adapted you prolong so that it in the time, but for the occasion and the time that you must to become thin, it becomes the ideal. On the other hand, also you can face this challenge using the exercise like main motor for the thinning. Then, if you have time and you like to enjoy the free air, because then you will have to leave to trotar, to run, to walk one hour per day at least during the two weeks in which you want to reduce the pounds of more. You must take a sensible diet, but also you must consider that if you incline by the exercise, the chemical decontamination diet you do not have to do it.

Or one or the other, the two meetings no, since with the physical exercise, you need the sufficient calories so that the body produces energy necessary to move, and the chemical decontamination diet does not provide to you with such calories. However, hands to the work, decdete and motvate, already you know how to lose weight in two weeks, now it is in you obtaining it. It is not impossible only requires of much will. I am going to share with you a secret to lose weight that very few know. This secret will make you become thin quickly, and will burn fat around all your body. If in fact it wishes to have a slim and attractive body, then I recommend to you that you read the following page. Beam Click to read the message Here that can change your life for always.

Public Security

Moreover, legal defense and the contradictory, the gratuitous judiciary assistance, the judgment for a court, the fulfilment of the penalty in salubrious place, the ressocializao, amongst other civil laws, politicians, social, cultural and religious, is called guarantees legal Security, which are contemplated in the Federal Constitution of 1988.Com the Rule of law, even so the policy power has been limited, the Public Security started to have an accented connotation, emphasizing social values for such promotion, the national and international level, passing to be defined as: … administrative activity of the State that has finally to limit and to condition the individual exercise of the freedoms and rights aiming at to assure, in level capable to preserve the public order, the attendance of minimum values of the social convivncia, notadamente the security, the salubrity, the honor and the aesthetic one (GRANDSON, 1998:71). In consensus with diverse chains, GRANDSON (1998: 71) identifies the sprouting of a new conceptualization on the Public Security as being ' ' absence of disturbance and harmonious disposal of the relations sociais' ' , being, therefore, the guarantee of the internal public order: … the state of social peace that tries the population, decurrent of the degree of individual or collective guarantee propitiated by the public power, that involves, beyond the security guarantees, tranquillity and salubrity, the slight knowledge of moral, aesthetic order, economic politics and independently of visible manifestations of clutter (GRANDSON, 1998:81). However, when if it speaks in guaranteeing the security of the citizen and in the combat to the violence, the Public Security, as state installment, still is attributed instantaneously and so only to the police agencies, when in the truth, this concept is much more including, being ability of the State the task of this guarantee. In the article ' ' The Constitucionalizao of the Public Security in Brazil: paradigms in conflito' ' (COAST, 2011), of the famous specialist in Public Security guard and professor of After-Graduation, then the Lieutenant Colonel Jlio Czar Coast, salient that this mistake if originated in the constitutional text of 1988, which would have dealt with superficially the subject the Public Security, as it detaches: The constituent of 1988 had been refractory when formatting the architecture of the system of social protection in not holistic way, attributing not only in semantic way, the responsibility for the preservation of the incolumidade of the people, the patrimony and the public order exclusively to the police agencies, desvirtuando the including concept of that to the State and to one it has not only left of it? the police agencies – the task fits to guarantee the aid, the protection and the assistance of the society.

The Patient

Inside of this oncolgico context, in this scene that if inserts ' ' doena' ' the exaggerations between the living creature and the world that it inhabits, that the creation of such group became necessary. The psychologist Such with the aid of a social assistant, Kelle, had perceived that the patients directed for the House of Support needed to take the rdias of its treatment and to work pain better, the acceptance of the illness and with its companions the possible loss and fear of the new and of the stranger. Receiving for in such a way the patient and its companion with intention to brighten up and to speed the recovery process. The oncolgico patient, perhaps more than any another one, needs this holistic boarding, that is not pleased only with x-ray or chemotherapy sessions, or with surgical attitudes not rare mutilantes times. The stigma of the said illness malignant, the cancer, is a whip beating permanently the thought of the patients and of its companions and the main paper of the therapist is the interaction with the other people’s suffering, in way to the medicamentosas maneuvers. Leaving of this principle, of this necessity, an informal operative group was created objectifying the empoderamento, autonomy of the patient in its proper treatment, becoming it agent of the same. It does not have criteria for election of the participants, the professionals, make to each week a survey of ' ' entradas' ' , of the patients who will be recepcionados by the house of support and they invite them to participate of the group of information that objective the clarification of the illness and the functioning of the house where the patient and even though its companion, will pass good part of its time. Therefore, it does not have fixed number of participants. The regularity of the meeting is weekly with meetings to the Wednesday always to the fifteen hours and thirty minutes (15: 30).


The concept or thought that if had of preservation was restricted, whose proposals were directed and defended only by the capitalist countries with the intention to limit the development of the underdeveloped countries. Such interests produced an image distorted of the call preservation, therefore, any proposal that restricted its activities had as intention to limit the development of its country. These defended that the futures of its native land depended on workmanships whose development harmed the environment. The interest biggest that was in game was the consumption stimulated mainly for the capitalist system of production. Today if it speaks very in a new form of economic development, called sustainable development or auto-supported development, that is gotten when all the natural resources are preserved, that is, a not-predatory development. This new concept of development demands a great change in the behavior and styles of life, in the standard of consumption and production.

Therefore all the areas of the knowledge need to direct its interests for the sustainable development requiring a holistic boarding, to interdisciplinar respecting the differences and conserving identities to live a life without borders, are of orders geographic, cultural, religious and ethnic politics. 2 DIFFICULTY OF PRESERVATION X ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT 2,1 Difficulty of Preservation Since the sprouting of the man in the land has needed a perfect interaction with same and its constituent elements, and this interaction, mainly as half of survival, became each time more conflicting, associated to the human development and the social growth it consequently allowed to its magnifying to the domain of the elements of the nature and the intensity and extension of the ambient impacts. The human being in all its history of life dominated the resources. This capacity to dominate and to modify the environment using the natural resources in its proper one I benefit is what it distinguishes to them from the excessively animal ones.

Daily Cal

By four months, well-fed rabbit reaches weight 3-3.5 kg, which is about 60 times its weight at birth. Smelling the rabbit is much more developed than vision. This is confirmed by the fact that the grafting of rabbit rabbits others it does not matter their color and only by the smell of a mother can tell strangers and destroy them. Distinguish the smell of the rabbits and feed. Among the new feed, they are cautious, long sniffs. Need patience to train animals to them. In nature, rabbits dig holes in the cage so the rabbit and in front of the lowest waiting OKROL dark place. That is why the maternity unit cell needs to be done with a remote door and floor grate in it to set lower than in the bright compartment, or just remove it before OKROL.

Determine the rabbit milk yield can be as newborn rabbits. Do female rabbits vysokomolochnoy lie quietly in the nest. Taurus them round, the skin is smooth, shiny, without wrinkles and folds. They growing rapidly. You can define the milking and other means; OKROL female flip on its back and two fingers to press the mammary gland. In rabbit milk vysokomolochnoy will make a big drop or trickle.

Effect on breast feeding have a condition, quality of feed, animal age, the number of OKROL, season, breed, etc. During the summer milking increases, due to the predominance in the diet of greens and juicy feed. The maximum milk yield occurs after the 3-4th OKROL. The reason for low milk yield of their rabbits are often obese and sedentary. Obese rabbit breeding rabbits lose their ability. To avoid this You can, if reduced to a diet of high protein feeding rate of feed (grain, animal feed) and to introduce more green and succulent feed, as well as giving the animal more freedom of movement. Rabbits, like some other animals, eat their own feces, which emit at night and morning. Daily Cal – hard, dry in the form of pellets. Night – a soft and watery, the balls are deformed and form small clumps. It contains 3.5 times more protein and 2 times less fiber than the daily. It is rich in B vitamins and minerals. Soft (nocturnal) stool is difficult to see in the cells, because the rabbits eat it right out of the anus. For this purpose they are arranged front legs, arching between the hind legs, reaching anus.

Fuller Women

What a plump woman differs from part-time? Yes, absolutely nothing! And the fat, and thin women in exactly the same desire happiness and wish to be healthy, dreaming of great love and want to enjoy not only men but also women, tends to look stylish and elegant. In recent years, the standards of the female figure seen improvements big changes. Is fifteen or twenty years ago, thin women in fashion? Not at all … In the villages, towns, small regional centers and to this day it is believed that a thin woman – this is an unhealthy woman. In recent years, with little skinny Centerfolds completely inaccessible parameters 90-60-90 filled cover of glossy magazines. But very few women have such options. And its been steadily taking. Maiden figure gradually receding into the past, and we must live for today.

But you need not get upset if your body is not perfect. It is not necessary to torment themselves all sorts of diets, which sometimes can be very damaging to your health. It is necessary to love yourself for who you are … You need to try and find your own style, its flavor, its own unique charm. Thus, complete a few simple tips for women: 1. Around you, people look first and foremost not on your size, but on what and how you're dressed.

And that's why women need to fully dress up. 2. Keep in mind that low fat woman should give preference to small-sized parts, but the high cost of Spades afford larger items. 3. Full woman, tall is not recommended to wear shoes with high thin stiletto heels. 4. Walking down the street a stout lady in the pants is always taut. Therefore, it is straight, not narrowed down dark pants will make you a more toned and slim in the eyes of others. 5. Women should be full Avoid too tight dress. Fabric with sequins, satin collars and product type "turtleneck" – this is not your style. 6. Fat woman will look great with a scarf and long beads. She goes to the person cutting the volume and bright cosmetics. Wishing you always look attractive and sexy, our dear bbw. Women's Forum, which communicate with fat women

How I Lost 30 Kilos

I, like any woman who has always been dissatisfied with her figure and probably 100 times tried to lose weight, but, dropping to 2-3 kg, I gave myself indulgences, and eventually the weight came back. Before marriage I was in another city: frantic pace of students and 'Obschazhny' way of life did not allow much to get fat. When I married, my weight was 50 kg, and 4 years after first birth, he was already 80 lbs. For a long time I could not pull myself together, almost as hard to get rid of harmful Eat before bed. Raise the first-born was very difficult, it was a lot of stress, which necessarily bind me sweets, ice cream sandwiches. When I looked at the slender girlfriends – odnogodok, I realized that even already just because of their excess weight looked much older than them. I honestly do not remember what triggered at a time when I decided to perhaps one hundred and first or 110th time to sit down to an effective diet.

But this time I decided to draw and other ways to drive the extra weight. First, I stopped going to dinner with colleagues. Referred to the fact that after the birth was very fastidious. I took a job with a bank with a salad of cabbage, carrots, apples, cucumbers and tomatoes. Gradually gave up meat. I can say that the most difficult period is not the beginning, and while 3-4 kg already cleared. It seems that now everything is under control, and a piece of chocolate bar will not hurt.

Ideal Body Weight

What are these “averages” can we see everywhere, such as tables, calculate your ideal weight: for people body type in the tables ideal weight, often be redundant, but for big-boned is insufficient. The fact that bio-rhythmology offer to prove their arguments (“in the winter, our bodies in a state of hibernation, and the sun sets earlier, so we gain weight “), does not hold water. Here, just for instance, the most common, scientific evidence as to why we polneem winter, where the theory and practice are in order: 1. In winter, we eat less greens and vitamins. Beriberi unbalanced diet + = inhibition of metabolism. 2.

In winter, a very pale color palette, dominated by white and gray. Depression. 3. In winter, we spend much more time indoors. Lack movement. 4.

In winter, we are constantly confronted with the cold. When cold, the body tries to hold the fat for protection from hypothermia (which is why, among the “walruses” man with a slender figure – a very rare occurrence). The main thing evidence that the findings bio-rhythmology not be extended to all mankind in general, is that they completely ignore the division of people into types: “The Lark” (completely relevant to the ideal described bio-rhythmology), “owls” (for which the period of greatest activity occurs in the evening-night) and “doves” (adaptable to any pace of life). Look – the vast majority of techniques perfectly slimming right for “a lark!” And the “owls” they almost never fail (or triggered by “minus” sign). Consider a day in the life of the “Lark”: He wakes up at 6 am, well rested and refreshed. In the morning all systems of the body are included at full capacity, so it’s easy (and often – with pleasure and without any stimulation) is engaged in physical activity. Lunch with ravenous appetites, going to work. Day dinner, approximately 18-19 hours in the evening dinner. In 22 hours it begins to “nod”, and 23 sleeps. After the last meal before going to sleep at the “Lark” runs for 4-5 hours. Consider a day in the life of a human “owl”: After waking up in the morning (or afternoon) out depending on whether he slept or not (though more often – the second), “owl” does not test any lifting of spiritual and physical strength. His body is still asleep, so that: a) physical exercise in the morning carried them very seriously; often after such employment a person feels overwhelmed and tired. b) Following the logic of most methods of weight loss, the first meal should be dense. The “owl” in the morning almost always have no appetite, but he faithfully “Seasoned” (because “as necessary”, and in the evening after not sing!). Result: the body will process food sluggish (about the same as if someone had eaten shortly before bedtime), so part of the food eaten will be converted into fat and stored in the fat depot. We go further: in the afternoon, “owl” are often unable to eat normally (work), and not everyone can come home from work until 18 hours. That is, often, the person remains practically all day and all night without dinner … in the body, “owls” are all the same, that the “lark” in the morning: all the systems of the body beyond the limit of their capabilities, wakes up ravenous hunger. The body requires food.

Healthy Eating

Third day Breakfast is the same as in the 2-day, add 10 grams of butter (20g), 4-6 walnuts. Lunch: vegetable soup, a salad of fresh vegetables in sunflower oil, steamed vegetables (100 g) bread (stale) – 100 g cottage cheese – 30 g. Dinner: salad of fresh cabbage, cucumbers and sunflower oil, cheese (30-50 g). Buttermilk, yogurt and nuts. Remember most important rule exit fasting: it takes many days, how many went on and the very starvation.

At 4-5-day fasting 1st and 2nd day to dilute with water to juices, vegetable broths, herbal broth, small amounts of grated apples, gradually increasing (at 2nd day) of their number. The remaining 3 days – on the above scheme. Another important and very useful tip: eat to slowly, chew food. Here's another quote from the book of Paul Bragg: 'In using raw vegetables and fruit, remember that this is – cleaning products. First, eat them small quantities. List of vegetables is very high. All nuts and seeds are nutritious and tasty. Fresh ground nuts (lightly roasted), almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, etc.

If you eat meat, then no more than 2-3 times a week. But at the slightest malaise quickly return to an alkaline diet. Many signs – weakness, headache, dizziness, the emergence of flies before his eyes, bitter taste in the mouth, physical weakness and mental fatigue. You may think that all the fault of the liver, can throw the fat from your diet and stuff, but it is not enough. You must be excluded from the food sugars and starches.