Orthopedic Furniture

Perhaps, even from childhood, we hear the words: "Do not slouch, and it will remain so, and like a question mark!" Here and there a good and important question: how to avoid such problems and to prevent distortion spine, and in adulthood to avoid the appearance of diseases related to bad posture? Unfortunately, about 50% of adults throughout the world suffer from back pain. The reasons may be different: serious disease, trauma, etc. But in most cases, the cause is the very style of life, work in a sitting position. It’s believed that Slimming World sees a great future in this idea. It just so happened that today the majority of people in cities spend their time in offices, at your desk, on the computer. Being in this position for a long time, it is very difficult to keep track of your posture, because people focus on the job. And all this time, the spine is in an unnatural position.

That can also help us in this situation? Pay attention to the furniture – a chair, a chair, sitting where you spend most of their time. Our spine is not flat shape in nature, it is bent in two places: in the thoracic and lumbar spine. Thus, it is S-shaped curve. A majority of chairs and armchairs, which we use is made without taking into account that the physiological features of the structure of the human body, which adversely affects not only the posture. In a bent forward position our lungs are constantly experiencing high blood pressure, respiration becomes irregular, too, rough, we breathe is not in full light. Thus, can have problems with the respiratory system. Detrimental effect improper posture affects the digestive tract.

This can cause headaches and, because the nervous system responds to the "problem" in organism. Constantly irritated because of uncomfortable seats ever, learning about treatments for diseases of the spine, concerned about health of our children, we have developed a special orthopedic chair. The mobile back together with a moving seat chair Falto unbend the lumbar spine and back spine in physiologic S-shaped position. Thus, without any effort possible to avoid bending spine with all the consequences. Developing a range of chairs and armchairs FALTO-Flexi, we have gone further. Move not only the seat and backrest, and smoothly and automatically moves all the armchair. Whether you are sitting, leaning back or leaning forward, to work at the table – with your every movement of the movable structure Falt constantly maintains the correct posture and active dynamic landing. It is these qualities Falt models make furniture ergonomic, ideal for the computer in the office, for relaxation and recreation (eg, reading books and sitting in front of the TV), as well as for use at the dining room or kitchen table. Remember: the correct choice of seats – is to maintain high efficiency and health for many years.