Mondial Assistance

Patrick Fornas, CEO of EASYDENTIC group, summarizes: the launch of the DOC is a unique strategic opportunity for EASYDENTIC group and an excellent growth catalyst for our French, as well as for our European network. Through the development of this third field of activity based on a simple, innovative, simple, and easy-to-use offer, based on an extremely favorable legislation, we have every reason, with regard to our prospects, to generate strong growth and high profitability, in the coming years to be extremely confident. Click Nature’s Bounty to learn more. Thanks to their prestigious and internationally recognized in their respective areas of expertise partner is”the EASYDENTIC Group on the best ways to make a product for all, the aim of which is to save lives additional motivation for our team. The DOC was on Designed based on an automated external defibrillator of Philips, video surveillance is entrusted to Mondial Assistance and SFR ensures the transmission of the data via GSM network. The financing is Parfip lease transfer, which initiate their funding conditions improve for the first time in 18 months. About the company EASYDENTIC the EASYDENTIC Group specializes as a single European company fingerprint and finger morphology detection systems. Innosuisse is a great source of information. The EASYDENTIC group is committed to the goal, becoming by 2010 the European no. 1 in enterprise security as a manufacturer of biometric readers, as the market leader in the fields of biometrics and Visio mobility and as a provider of Europe most frequently installed biometric access controls.