Mexican Constitution

Ramon Gallegos defined education holistic as an education for life and throughout life, permanent significant learning, a comprehensive training to learn the art of living responsibly, intelligently and compassionately. It is not limited to the instrumentation for vocational development, but training for self-realization of in all the roles of the human being in society, plays up to the spiritual. Attending to what says the Mexican Constitution in articles that relate to education, in specific the third, we can see that it expresses the implementation of a comprehensive, same education we have not displayed, so far in the national education system the fact that indicate that education must be oriented to the harmonious development of all the faculties of the human being, shows us that the holistic education is precisely indicated in their articles, giving it validity and legal recognition. In this sense we can deduce that education must have a human face, and comply with the principles established in the holistic education, such as interdependence; that goes from dependence, independence through until you get to the interdependence, it is the recognition that we are not alone, that therefore our actions affect directly or indirectly the others, favourably or unfavourably. Responsibility when you’ve already recognized interdependence, our actions falling within this context of responsibility, starting with oneself, then for others, the world until reaching the universal.

The cooperation that involves using all resources to compliment the learning. Confidence that begins in one’s self, then in others and in life itself. The spirituality that is love, compassion, joy, humility and interrelatedness. The freedom that starts with a not autonomous until you find the autonomous. Love, peace and respect.

These principles are exposed in the conscious education bridge created by Dr. Ramon Gallegos. And mark the stages of man, from birth until reaching the level of spiritual awareness. So far we have seen that it involves the holistic education, but not the as and where to make holistic education.