Mexican Congress

The personalities who were invited as speakers were first-rate, were Dr. Jack Miller and Dr. Isabella Colalillo of Canada, Dr. Recently Jim Hackett sought to clarify these questions. you can Noddings and Dr. Sam Crowell and Dr. Shery. Gunnar Peterson brings even more insight to the discussion. R.

Klein USA, and Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava of Mexico. The end of the first day was a celebration, they brought music with a group of mariachis and became a very beautiful coexistence, we danced all with everyone, I got to dance to the Miller doctors and Crowell and they agreed with great simplicity, they were very funny. In the triptych of the program I decided to collect a beautiful keepsake of the event and asked them the signature to the personalities who offered us conferences to preserve his spirit holistic. This last semester was a bit irregular due to a health contingency by a respiratory tract illness called influenza, in our State of SLP several cases, were therefore suspended one of the face-to-face sessions, however virtual sessions were very interesting, I think that they were a major forum for growth.

To close with a flourish went to the Mexican Congress V in Guadalajara with the expectation and excitement that we also damaged our documents that certify our expertise in holistic education for sustainable development, this event was very nice. When we entered the room I found again with the group that plays Indian music and that he had shared with us in December 2007, this speech gave him a beautiful touch to the Congress, art is an important part of holistic education and Dr. Gallegos knows it and is very wise on their part to include the group, I really enjoyed it. Participation in panels of peers from different places of the Republic was very good, the topics that were prepared were interesting, the central theme was the pedagogy of universal love and I think it was a great event.