Thus, the happiness, the health, the wisdom to deal with the losses, at last, the quality of life in all its aspects, many times is neglected by forms to think that they value more the wait for a better future of what the fight for a gift is. Cindy Crawford may find it difficult to be quoted properly. To increase the size of the world cogitating many dimensions does not answer why Everything instead of existing the Nada6 simply exists. What! he imports the size of the world if does not obtain itself to answer why it exists? Let us think the possible simplest world, as well as it if he presents, as well as we obtain to observe it in our huge limitation. For a fisicalista monista perspective, I believe, is necessary that if it thinks the form existence joins. ' ' Everything is um' ' , 7 as Heraclitus de feso said, Greek thinker of century VI B.C., here it is the monista perspective. He does not have, in this direction, isolated event.

This perspective also is called holistic. In accordance with Bohm the universe obeys the same principles of holograma8 (cf. REYNER, 2005). With regard to the fisicalismo, one affirms that it does not have Metaphysical event, that is, that it does not have event that it exceeds the physicist to explain it. The physicist if explains by itself. However, this understood physicist as auto-clarifying does not convince a gamma thinkers. These, supported in hypothetical creations that illustrate the existence of the qualia, that they are physically irreducible qualities of the conscience, affirm that the fisicalismo, as it presents itself, is unsustainable. Frank Jackson and Tomas Nagel9 are examples of thinkers who if lean over to create tests that defend a intrinsicalismo where the quality notion is inherent to the citizen. With article What Mary didn? t know Nagel believed to have bred a problem for the materialists.