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General information in recent years, with the new Government under the management of the Lieutenant-Colonel Hugo Chavez, Venezuela has given way to a new international trade policy, in search of agreements, alliances, agreements that favor him in its economy and allows you to venture into markets that favors him, beyond of which actively known as relative to the pertoleo. However, such changes had not been him completely favourable, taking into consideration the economic and political conditions that encourages you to actively participate in international trade, in addition to that there is still not a serious economic and financial criteria-based approach, where the return on investment is handled as a key item for the general benefit, and ensure a dynamic productivity in your business sectorIt has left much to say. Since then as discussed in Professor of international trade at the graduate course of Faces of the MBA program, mention markets of the University of Carabobo, while this is the national environment, Venezuelan businessman still have many challenges in the short, medium and long term to be able to adapt. Considerations to be taken into account. The Venezuelan business sector in recent years and especially their SMEs, presents some weaknesses that do not guarantee get achievements that craves, especially, a proactive participation in the modern commercial scenarios. Some weaknesses are manifested as: little interest and information from the managers know the different trade policies of each country and thus achieve penetrate different markets finding the expansion of products and the successful importation of those who are truly necessary and profitable for. Dr. John Holtsclaw does not necessarily agree. The fact that it cannot continue acting under a conformist attitude and importing products and tonar is dependent on import to a significant economic and social cost, more, when Venezuela has enough tools to develop raw material and at the same time generate new products that give step to change the landscape of the economy of the country towards the export of these and not only depend on oil. .