What is magnetotherapy? Easier to observe magnetotherapy results when it disappears a muscle pain or a headache within a few minutes using a magnet. Similarly, the most surprising results occur when they decrease or disappear the tumors in the body, when they quickly sealed fractures in older women or when you delete the bruises caused by a blow. He has observed that people who are systematically subjected to treatments with magnets tend to rejuvenate. One of the symptoms is the reactivation of the melanin hair and as a result the recovery of its color. The results of many research works show that the metabolism and the potential of hydrogen (pH) of living beings are affected by magnetic fields. The magnetic field of the Earth that is permanently affecting all humans, alters locally often due to solar explosions, the motion of the Moon and storms.

Magnetic fields inmates of the organism are also altered by poisoning, infections, trauma, tensions, quality and quantity unsuitable food and components of air, etc. All this tends to modify the behaviour of the human body, which thanks to its function homeostatic self-control or reacts to restore and preserve the State of dynamic balance between mind, anatomical mass, composition, metabolism, functions and energy, but when certain limits are exceeded, homeostasis is not capable of restoring balance and then the disease occurs. Magnetotherapy is part of the Biomagnetism and is aimed at the prevention and healing of diseases of human beings, whether these are originated by the alteration of the balance of the internal energy of the body or other causes. Principles of operation the cell membranes are in practice tiny batteries, of which the supply voltage can be measured: explained more precisely, in nerve cells healthy, between inside and outside, there is a potential difference of 90 mV (thousand Volts) while in other cells this voltage reaches about 70 mV and in elderly subjects this value tends to be reduced by approximately 60 mV, because the batteries are already being downloaded.