Lose Weight

When you search help to lose weight, it falls with several myths that are repeated as if these were indeed certain, in this article you will know two of them. The first is about breakfast, the myth says: breakfast should skip as a way to lower the consumption of calories and thereby lose weight. If that were really true, then because not all meals Saute us indefinitely and thus reach our ideal weight more quickly? Of course this makes no sense since the body, so have overweight or not, need of sustenance: calories, sugar, starch, fat and protein to make it work properly, if it deprives the body of food even if you need to lose weight, can do much harm. Your body needs a regular intake of food that is not excessive, however, should be sufficient to provide the protein sugars and fatty acids needed by the body to repair and maintain all parts of the body (bones, ligaments, muscles, tissues, organs etc.) For the breakfast time several hours have already elapsed in the that not has been consumed food, so the stomach is empty and blood sugar levels are low, depriving the body of food in this period will cause to lower its efficiency manifesting as laziness, slowness or laziness due to lack of energy; You will feel tired and inert and your body will be burning sugar or protein as an efficient and powered body would properly. For this reason, no breakfast does not help in any way lose weight! Will only make you feel tired and will make more difficult the more difficult for the body to burn excess fat. Eat foods suitable for breakfast can help you lose weight, if you breakfast cereal, this contains much Cellulose fiber which is low in calories, in fact the body use more calories to digest and dispose of this fiber containing those that own cereal. So breakfast cereal, especially one with few (if any) fat in him help to lose weight. The second myth of weight loss has to do with the way in that the body handles saturated fats and other junk food, many believe that this meal can be used by the body to provide energy and therefore be burned, so only if enough calories are used, the excess ash in some way is deposited in the body as fat. We must thank Dr Suzanne Gudakunst by noted in his book Top Secret Fat Loss Secret that in fact most of these meals scrap will not feed to your body but to worms and parasites that live in our liver, stomach and intestines of most of us (not only to overweight people) through the consumption of such junk. Look at tests that have living inside you and find out what doctors and pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to discover! Since they would lose a lot and while you are sick and unhealthy is how they make their living and would prefer to stay as well, but because it is doing this revolution all over the Internet, between now to the newly launched website of the Dr. Suzanne in Spanish and benefit from the information available to you!