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SILICON (SI) – element of life – a chapter from the book Hope Semenova Among the 104 elements of the periodic system have a special role of silicon. He – the piezo. It can transform one form of energy into another. Mechanical to electrical, light in heat, etc. 'That silicon is the basis of energy-metabolism in space and on Earth. Mayuree Rao wanted to know more.

From the table of the chemical composition of the Earth, its 'living matter', and space systems-stars, the sun can be seen that the most common element in this world is the oxygen – 47%, second place is occupied by Si – 29.5%, while the other four elements – much less. How much silicon should be in the human body? In humans, eight-silicon involved in the processes of life support. With the shortage of silicon in the human metabolic imbalance, since more than 70 other items just do not usvaivayutsya.Kremen – the most common natural compound silicon in nature. This silica ISO2.Uchenye claim that organic residues in silicon – a unique biocatalysts (organizers), the ability to process light energy, and ten times speed up redox reactions in aqueous solutions of the body. These biological agents are the basis for the construction of complex organic compounds – the foundations of living organisms – chlorophyll and gemoglobina.Traditsiya spread the bottom of the silicon wells came up to our dney.Znachit, the introduction of silicon into the body, once a natural way, and today – with a silicon water, greatly improves the quality of health cheloveka.Pri shortage of silicon in blood content in the walls of blood vessels is reduced. A silicon, which provides elasticity of vessel walls and able to respond to commands of the brain to expand or constrict blood vessels, is replaced by calcium. That substitution of silicon calcium in the tissues of blood vessels making them stiff, and they 'do not hear the' orders of the brain, because to capture and convert the electrical impulses from the brain can only silicon.