Interesting Lectures

Specialized forums on the second day of the Congress on nutrition, movement and management on the 23rd and 24th April 2010 the GETUP Congress of the German College for prevention and health management, and Reed takes place exhibition within the framework of FIBO in Essen. \”On the second day of the Congress the Forum stands next to the forums of movement and management nutrition with interesting lectures on the topic of science update: current knowledge of nutrition science\” on the Congress programme. Moderator of the Forum diet is Clive salt, lecturer of German University and BSA Academy, as well as personal trainer of boxing champion Felix Sturm. Science update: Current findings of nutritional science branch of nutritional science is characterized by the fact that existing knowledge is rapidly expanded through new research. In the press almost daily new releases to current study results can be found, depending on the research of the author with more or less wahrheitsgetreuem content. It increasingly difficult even experienced nutrition consultants, personal trainers and food coaches, new research data of their meaning to be classified accordingly, soberly and objectively interpret and to match with the existing knowledge. \”The Forum diet\” will address three areas of nutrition research, numerous study data could open up new prospects in recent years and appears to require a modification of previous recommendations.

The speakers represent significant current research scientifically sound, discuss their significance and derive concrete practical recommendations for the counselling situation. Are essential fatty acids there really? -So vital, essential fatty acids play an important role in the regulation and control of numerous processes in the organism, inter alia in the field of lipid metabolism and insulin budget, inflammation and the immune system lecture by officer Kenji Prince. Individual essential fatty acids are also important building materials in the brain, so that a deficit in the diet long term many mental disorders, such as depression and concentration are favored.