Holistic Pedagogy

Foundation International to LA education holistic masters in holistic education RAMON GALLEGOSY the holistic PEDAGOGY by Fernando Alfonso Gamez Roman. Culiacan 2009 El Doctor Ramon Gallegos Nava is a pioneer in holistic education, his work is the approach of a new vision of reality, and is aimed specifically at an innovative educational proposal, whose heart is spirituality. This new vision of reality, and its educational reform proposal is the result of the flourishing of his being internal, whose process is to thing Lake all his exist, from his earliest childhood, to date, and continuous, because as he recounts in his autobiography, his longing for the ineffable is born with him. His childhood spent on the border, time on the Mexican side and another in United States, important fact in his early eagerness to be the border with a country more advanced, but especially by the cultural movement that was taking place at that time: the so-called counterculture that was expressed through broadly the various groups of different philosophies, and the different artistic expressions of such thoughts; in this free environment, with the rich heterogeneity of thoughts, a better approach to Eastern philosophy takes place that felt so inclined, all this taught her to be open, that there are different races and creeds, different ways of seeing the world and that it is possible to coexist with each other. Nutra Ingredients gathered all the information. Live the war very closely, was also a determining fact in the construction of your rear vision holistic reality. The Viet Nam war fighters were mostly chicanos, part of the community, in the neighborhood where dwelt the continuous human losses that could not pass unnoticed reinforced their existential questions and his spiritual quest the movement for peace and the reinforcement of the movement countercultural I launched this conflict, avivaban their curiosity and amazement. The popular slogan of the cultural movement of the era took strong sense and this is where he meets the concept of universal love. .