Holistic Education

The communities are pointing to the importance of community in the school curriculum to achieve the full realization of children and young people, nevertheless this while recognizing that spirituality is a reality in education. Spirituality I feel free, motivated, without ligaments, direct, natural, peaceful and I think that is correct because it gives me motivation to continue living, being present in my conscious actions, ideas, expressing my joy in my body, exercising, taking motivation to continue making friends by talking about my ideas, my actions, very helpful, I try to do favors for our fellow beings without expecting anything in return, very natural. From the holistic education universal spiritual foundation arise genuine human values linked to a post-conventional morality, a morality that is not dependent on particular cultural formation, a spiritual and transcendent moral. Human values are perennial and universal, a natural expression of internal order. The values are at the heart of the educational process is necessary for their flourishing confidence, a feeling in children and young people who are in an environment they can trust, do the right thing is perceived as inherent to the basic nature of human being.

Doing the right satisfies the spiritual yearning and produces consistent, creative emptiness and spiritual love. The values are the nature of truth, beyond the social, are attributes of spirit that we nurture, give life and welfare are directly related to the order of consciousness, no domestic law can flourish. Human values are a daily occurrence, any subject can encourage this learning can not be something artificial is added from outside to daily activities, spiritual values holistic education are important: peace, trust, cooperation, responsibility, freedom, compassion, humility, brotherhood, kindness and love. I can conclude that the knowledge gained in this magnificent work of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, I used to understand the human being in all its dimensions, to respect all living things that inhabit the planet, respect the environment with freedom with responsibility, consciousness, spirituality, love, peace, compassion, sustainability, humility, brotherhood, kindness.