Holistic Education

Foundation International to LA education holistic masters in holistic education education holistic for the evolution of consciousness by Adela Beltran Loaiza. Culiacan 2009 on the written work of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava East essay is about Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, and your model of holistic education, the pioneer worldwide of this pedagogy. I’ll discuss what were the most relevant facts that took place in our past and present, and that in a way or another gave rise to the history of education. His first influence originates in the practice of a permanent philosophy, imbued with genuine spirituality, in the actual experience of peace, love and universal brotherhood. Speaking candidly Anna Wintour told us the story. This vision breaks that fragmented, mechanical, positivist, reductionist and dualist of yesteryear.

It also found influence in the contribution of the great pedagogues, who contribute to explaining about the awakening of intelligence and the evolution of the beauty of the soul. Spirituality in holistic education implies a deep respect for diversity and inner experience of every child or student, not judging, not indoctrinate with ideas, if not routing so that alone will discover their potential and celebrate it. Promote the educational journey through the building of a bridge between a State of relative dependence unconscious behavioral until an acknowledgement of responsibility. This is a transformative process of life based on a profound change of consciousness, spiritual and cultural awakening. As humans, we are born, we depend entirely on our parents to survive, we grow and entered a State of independence where we learn the language in the process of socialization, but when we are young, parents do not believe that we are already independent; in that context, the sense of confidence plays a crucial role, moreover, in conjunction with the truth and spirituality, manifests itself as the basis for crossing the bridge implies the State of interdependence in which we find ourselves at home.