Holistic Dialogue

This was what I could detect in the research work mentioned above. In the formal atmosphere of social groups, subject to conflicting hierarchies and institutions, manifests selfishness, competition, rejection, anger, etc. but at the same institutions, in the environment of informal relationships in which every human being comes into contact with other outside regulatory ties, manifests compassion, cooperation, unity, peace, confidence, humility and love, to a much greater degree. And with even greater intensity, these values are manifested in people receiving information through dialogue and share ideas about the meaning and the importance of those values are for the transcendence of man, from the dialogue because they feel by affinity all that exists within everyone. The exercise in the holistic practice of dialogue has allowed me to broaden the vision I had of my context, since by this means, to generate an atmosphere of trust, manifest aspects of other people previously unknown and which may not even themselves, nor I in my own case, we become aware. The dialogue has helped me to gradually strengthen the self-consciousness. The courses for the Master's teaching has touched me also helped me a lot, because every time I have seen that the trend toward rediscovery of our essence, is immanent, and helped me to strengthen my own trend this regard. I have learned with whom I share this knowledge has played, and I have been aware that, despite the terrible burden of the conventional paradigms, when it talks about our heart and community with the universe, manifests our spiritual nature, and motivation to support others who also found.