Holistic Approach

The Centre for tumour therapy of Stade informed diagnosis cancer dramatically change the everyday life of people and their relatives. Fear, emotional imbalance and insecurity, challenge them again on the new. Naturopaths Sven Sbrezesny on cancer patients as a holistic cancer consultant and-therapeut to the page is using his extensive skills and experience. Follow others, such as Emma Naylor, and add to your knowledge base. Its Center for tumor therapy in Stade focuses on a, focused on holistic principles, complementing of standard measures and proven therapies against cancer. Prophylactic measures, which should protect against cancer people with risk factors are another focal point. What is special about the holistic perspective on cancer therapy lies in the consideration of the entire people as a unity of body, mind and soul.

Cancer is understood from this perspective as a disease affecting all levels of human existence. Therapeutic efforts should therefore not only individual symptoms treat, but restore the patient’s overall physical and mental health support. Naturopaths Sven Sbrezesny uses targeted positive interactions between various therapy procedures, about the Cellsymbiosistherapie, the orthomolecular therapy and the bio-immune therapy in the context of the holistic cancer therapy. This allows him to develop an individual treatment concept, which specifically focuses on the special needs of each patient. Also the targeted reduction of pain stimuli belongs to the holistic therapy of cancer burden the body and psyche of patients.

Many types of cancer and conventional treatment methods can trigger extremely severe neuropathic pain that is not relieved by ordinary pain medications. As evidenced by a scientific study from France, an acupuncture expert for such stimulation reveals amazing successes. The participants in the study were given two acupuncture treatments over a two-month period. The intensity of the treated participants already dropped significantly after the first application of the acupuncture. On the subsequent treatment lowered the intensity of pain again and reached a reduction of 36 percent compared to the untreated pain level. Acupuncture is successfully used in the Asian region for several thousand years as a healing process. Even modern science is demonstrating its effectiveness and impressively shows the effectiveness of the traditional treatment method. Naturopaths Sven Sbrezesny has 15 years of experience in professional acupuncture, he passes as a lecturer at the Hamburg Paracelsusschule for years. Patients, whose quality of life and health of pain will be impaired, he supported by a professional pain therapy, such as acupuncture treatments and therapy methodology after Lama & Bracht uses. Just cancer patients require often an efficient treatment of pain that supplements their individual therapy. Shows the increase of well-being and health caused by it from a holistic perspective, positive impact on the success of entire cancer therapy by it releases energy and resources of the patient. For tumor therapy practitioner Sven Sbrezesny with a wide range of professional counselling and therapies is committed in the Centre for the holistic health of his patients. He gladly answered further questions about holistic naturopathic medicine and cancer therapy.