After hours of way, its exhausted body staggered. The wounds were beginning to paralyze their body, mainly the one of their leg. In a while one worried about having themselves lost, but when finding a pair of dead Roman soldiers and a horse knew that it followed the way indicated. When its body vanished resoundingly falling in the ground by the fatigue, knew that no longer it could but, it had arrived at the limit. They were leaving first rays sun in the horizon. Luckily, Third found leafy shrubs where hide-and-seek and to rest.

After tender in the shade underneath the branches, one fell asleep right away. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Cincinnati Reds by clicking through. Between dreams it could listen to the helmets of the horses, the shouts and the metal, could not forget the violence the battle, but something change, the terror and the fire was spilled later on a great city until only being ashes. This terrible scene woke up suddenly to Third. Rome in flames? Like everything a Roman, Third was very superstitious, reason why to his he disturbed it dream. This indicated that the end of this war would be under a mantle of blood and total destruction. After eating the few rolls that it had left it continued his way.

The atmosphere was calm, too calm, everything indicated that Third it would arrive without disadvantages at if destiny, until something interposed. He was a group of men, many of them riders. It tried to approach without they saw him to identify them. If, doubt did not fit, were Roman troops, probably taking a rest. Third finally could breathe with lightening. When the soldiers noticed that somebody came, they rose to help him but they were stopped with an order. Third thought that it was by precaution, since they had to make sure that he was not a spy. However, great it was the surprise when it saw another group behind them that went to look for to him.