Healthy Birds

When it comes to the health of birds, they require high temperatures, the bird presents reduction in the ration consumption and, in consequence, reduction in the weight profit and worse alimentary conversion. The interaction with the way and its answers constitutes the judgment how much to the effect of the environment to the physiological process of adaptation and tolerance of the animals to the changes. IHerb may not feel the same. For an evaluation it accomplishes of these systems, is essential to fix criteria of analysis of the installations. Such criteria must be considered of form to indicate critical points how much to the thermal exchanges effected by the alive mass (animal) and of the physical system (installation).

(Rodrigues, 2009). Animal well-being can be defined as the state of an individual in relation to its attempts of if to adapt to its environment, in this concept, the ambincia exerts great influence in the adaptation of the animal to the environment in which if it finds inserted. The ambincia also can be defined as the addition of the impacts of the biological and physical factors in the animals (Silva and Vieira, salty and Naas, 2010). As described by Rodrigues (2009) any structural problem of the installations that comes to provide inadequate situations of ventilation, air renewal, accumulation of gases, exceeding thermal load can be considered risk factor, starting to be the deficit installation how much to its function to provide thermal comfort to the environment.