Almost like a gift from heaven, as those things that nobody paid but that even so there they are, nature has provided us the flowers. Even though in the present day there are many people who cultivate flowers and that therefore can charge for them, the flowers from much until they became a product of nature and even today, are a beautiful gift that nature gave us. Whether they are beautiful or not should not perhaps be discussed much, although the aesthetic impressions or so-called tastes are not the same for all people, there is one fact that is widespread: people tend to appreciate the flowers and usually consider them beautiful, therefore they give them as special on any occasion equally special detail or carry them to all sorts of events where it is necessary to have something beautiful to show. Has someone put to think of this particular phenomenon? That the flowers are beautiful thats something that few think, because the matter does not require more than think. The fact that a flower looks beautiful to me is a fact and no longer, has to scrutinize more inside to see that this can mean.

But one thing that if generate me many questions is why giving beautiful flowers to an equally beautiful woman?. If the woman that sample is beauty I don’t understand why that impulse give something beautiful to someone who already has it. Even so, we have the momentum of giving beautiful flowers to beautiful things. I thought that this impulse of giving beautiful flowers to beautiful women is because we want to cause that person the same impression that it causes us to us, and do better way of giving the impression of beauty in a person that delivered herself another flower beautiful?. This may be the reason why we give away beautiful flowers to beautiful women, but I’m not sure. But leave aside the issue of giving beautiful flowers to an equally beautiful woman, while we have going around the head in this matter. Same, maybe there is no purpose in thinking these things, unless someone feel a huge void when he gives a beautiful flower to a beautiful woman, realizing that that beauty that transmits the beautiful flower is actually nothing more than a shadow of what actually this person wants to convey to the beautiful woman.

Rather than think about this, we can think of many other symbolic meanings that have flowers for human beings. A particular fact is to see the beauty of the flowers do not last long. It is generally said that beauty isn’t lasting when we talk about women, and it seems that flowers confirmed this fact. It is strange that nature behave well when we speak of anything more beautiful and sensual world. Because it is true, the flowers often have an added touch of sensuality. Not by the way of women, but if you have your something of sensuality that do not usually have other things of nature. Well, talk about flowers tends to be a fairly simple matter. But for those who have read this article will discover that there is no such simple things about flowers. And that I miss thinking about something else: give flowers to those who have died.