Five Rules Fight

Today I bring you a relationship that I did between the combat rules written by CHUANG TZU and business. Accompanied by a series of tips that we respond to five simple questions are why?, with whom?, when?, where? and how?, which are presented at the time facing the growing and often ruthless competition. For even more opinions, read materials from John H. Moore II. 1. The faith: before entering a battle, there is to believe in the reason for the fight. Why? You should be clear about your goal: capture your market. You must define what you are persecuting and commit yourself to reach it; It is the main reason of facing competition. We strive not to be left out of the market, to get more clients, referrals, consumers, etc., and for this purpose have to be prepared mentally; your motivation will be that you will keep on the road.

Fight, our reward is in the effort and not in the result, an all-out effort is complete victory Mahatma Gandhi. 2. The Companion: choose your allies and learns to fight together, because nobody beat a single war. With whom? A team is a requirement for business; surround yourself with people capable of people better than you, that you can always learn something new, and that you require to get ahead. People who can help when difficulties arise you taking into account that you must repay such support. Used with skill to your own allies and learn how to preserve an Alliance and when finish it. The enemy of my enemy is my friend Nicolas Maquiavelo…

3. Time: a struggle in the winter is different from a fight in the summer; a good Warrior pays attention to the timing of entering combat. When? To beat the competition it is necessary to know their strengths, their weaknesses, their plans, its people, the company and market. More information you have from your competition, more successful will be the moment of attack.