Diaper Rash

Many babies suffer during their diaper phase to a sore butt or a diaper rash. Acidic fruit, nuts or milk may be Berlin 21.03.2012 – causes for a sore butt babies. Since the baby’s skin is so delicate, irritation can easily caused by food. As a parent should you not overreact, because it is quite normal that the Po is even wound in young children. A proven treatment for diaper rash or a sore butt are ointments or creams that are applied when changing the diapers. Nutritionists recommend the trial- and -error principle in the nutrition of babies with baby foods.

This means that the parents try out after each food or a fruit variety and can sort out exactly what food does the baby and which irritate the skin of the baby set. Through this principle of selection, you can set up a dining plan, offer a varied diet which food for the baby are compatible and thus the baby. Babies who do not unilaterally, but be varied feeds, develop even good eaters and not to children, where it is difficult to move them to dinner. With Mirfulan, Recordati Pharma GmbH offers a fast-acting wound and ointment. Mirfulan has been developed against diaper rash, redness of the skin, itching and accompanying pain. Mirfulan with redness, itching, and diaper rash covering protective and Salim binding treatment of skin damage.

Effective against redness, itching, and pain of diaper dermatitis Mirfulan containing zinc oxide and cod liver oil with the Googly fish -. Not only with a sore butt of the little Mirfulan works even with scratches and injuries. The Recordati Pharma GmbH distributes pharmaceuticals and medical devices with around 180 employees In indoor and field on the German market. Focus on products for the therapy are musculo skeletal disorders, chronic inflammatory bowel disease as well as for the treatment of high blood pressure, allergies, and in the field of Urology. The range of over-the-counter Pharmacy products include well-known brands such as Dolobene, Mirfulan, Osteoplus, Silibene, Darkside2008, Darkside2008 balance or Hylak.