Creativity, Divine Treasure

All we have an idea (that we considered) brilliant from time to time. It is evident that there are people more creative than others, just as is people who draw well because she has that gift, and others we do not have it. Nevertheless, the creativity depends on other factors, it is possible to be cultivated, and exist diverse techniques of generation of ideas. As it pointed the other day Shell Barber of Dompablo in his wonderful Blog active Silencio, to generate possible solutions, in many cases he is advisable to be distanced a little the problem without cutting threads, to distance of the objectives without rejecting them to us, and the solution can be made present. If we do not do it thus, is possible that in many cases the trees do not let see the forest to us.

In many occasions it happens that I am bottled in a problem and not him encounter solution, by many returns that it gives him. I go away for house, I stop thinking about it, and that same night, or to the morning of the following day, the idea arises like by magic art. The creativity has, as usually it is said, of sweating and a little inspiration (is no more much that to remember what brilliant Pablo Picasso said). The classic phrase of which Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin by chance is simply a myth, the unique thing that could be said is that it had a little luck, but had been many years working in that scope. And when it saw the effect that produced the fungus of penicillin, investigated with curiosity and persistence, also motivated by his past like military doctor in the I World war, in which it was made an impression by the great mortality caused by the infections. Many of the techniques to generate ideas are based indeed on the previous work on the idea, individual and/or in equipment.