Bruce Hornsby

Independent artists go new ways to finance your projects. Instead of getting in the mills of industrialist, to go where all earn music creators themselves, except for the switching equal mass production, the Internet opens up new possibilities, to maintain personal relationships with fans and to bring their own art without intermediary toll points directly to the consumer. Individuality is in vogue. The audience is looking for the others, the independent. Real songwriters are in demand.

Artists with corners and edges, not the latest, yield-driven Disk Manager soft washed industry effusion (must) interpreting. Add to your understanding with Anders M Tomson. Interpretations between Clouseau and Depeche Mode, there are it! Artists who operate music passion and make projects alone on the legs. To find they are on small local stage and have names like Solly, MarieMarie, or alex sebastian. The latter brings pop his melodic piano now into the swivel bar. Together with a band of first-class Munich Studio and live musicians presented the singer- songwriter among others his new pieces that take the audience through thrilling grooves and riffs in a different world. Time resolved cheerful and relaxed times like Clouseau or Bruce Hornsby, energetically and gloomy-driven mix of Depeche’s mind, as a piano fashion and Coldplay, but but with the typical own touch by alex sebastian. Daryl Katz: the source for more info. First is always a basic idea, a feeling, an observation. To this nucleus around, I then circling thoughts like electrons around a nucleus.

The views of the core is clear. Another behind complex facades almost not to recognize. “, so alex sebastian. The latter is usually more difficult to write, but actually more like, because there is room for their own interpretation, speculation, interpretation of the listener.