Benefits Of Psalms

Rev. Varsonofi Optina: 'He writes me a restless intellectual, "It is hard for me. Outwardly, all is well: things are going well, family friendly, a good wife. But the trouble is that his soul open to me there is no one: of what I miss you, does not understand his wife and children are still small. What should I do? How to get rid of sadness and sorrow? "I advised him to read Psalms. There is a 93-Psalm: For a variety of diseases in my my heart, comfort my soul Your vozvesilisha (Ps.

93, 19). "Grasp this poem – I wrote to him, and take to read Psalms. I think that God will comfort you. " After a while, I get a message: "Listen you started reading the Psalms, and nothing in it I do not understand." I write to him: "Great, our Elder on. Ambrose on the same statement said, do not you understand, but the demons are well aware and run away. Read until you understand, but someday, and you begin to understand. " And you repeat: Read the Psalms every day, albeit slowly, and The Lord will not leave you with His grace, you will always be a helper and comforter. It is also good to read every day of the 90th and 50th Psalms, Psalm 90 "He that dwelleth in helping the Most High" is useful to read three times a day: morning, noon and night. At noon attacks on a person especially prodigal demon, the same psalm far away it drives away.